Sep 12, 2013

If Hanson-Young can sue Zoo, what about those Daily Tele shockers?

Sarah Hanson-Young has a good case against Zoo for a photoshopped bikini photo. And defamation lawyers tell Crikey the case could give other editors some pause for thought.

Matthew Knott

Former Crikey media reporter

There are strong precedents for Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young’s bid to sue Zoo Weekly for photoshopping her head onto a lingerie model’s body, defamation experts say.


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9 thoughts on “If Hanson-Young can sue Zoo, what about those Daily Tele shockers?

  1. Paul Piercy

    If this is the worst she had printed about her she is fortunate. However, her action on this typifies to me her overall capability and flexibility as a politician. Mind you I haven’t been able to take her seriously on any issue she speaks about. Another waste of taxpayer funded resources.

  2. Peter Hartley

    If SHY can sue Zoo – she can sue more than half the country – Good luck with that you idiot!

  3. Dan B

    Sarah Hanson-Young a “serious politician”? She theatrically wept in Parliament when she spoke of the “inhumane housing” of the 1000’s upon 1000’s of alleged asylum seekers flooding our shores. Yet she failed to acknowledge that when ADF personnel deploy to countries of those alleged asylum seekers to assist in a better future for them, that they live in lesser accommodations, and receive far less commodities whilst ably aged men of those countries would rather flee instead of helping the helpers. I was extremely insulted by her act, as were 1000’s of Australians. She has never been a serious politician, but as a highly paid actor, she is first class…. I hope this backfires and sets a precedent for other politicians who can’t handle a bit of public ridicule for being ridiculous. If you want to be in the spotlight, and be paid extremely handsomely for it – be prepared to cop it every now and then. Someone fetch her a whambulance…

  4. AR

    Amazing how women in legislative ranks brings out the trogs & when she is Green as well, the real knuckledraggers join in.

  5. klewso

    Just some more, of your standard gutter “Follow the Bleater – Political Commentary” in this country – “If Murdoch can do it why shouldn’t everyone else?”?

  6. Enquvist

    Why should ANY media outlet be allowed to put photoshopped images in their stories? How is it remotely professional to add rat ears, nose and tail to a polititian? It’s like a teenager doing a photoshop meme for the internet. For me it stinks of lack of professionalism and THAT IS the crux of the problem in this country, jounalism standards are in the gutter. The ZOO thing is just ZOO being their usual idiot selves, the Murdoch media is the one I’m concerned about. How is photoshopping a Pollie into a nazi outfit in any way acceptable for a news organisation?

  7. Enquvist

    People’s attitudes towards the Murdoch Media now is “oh that’s just the Murdoch Media *eye roll*”. And that’s how he slowly chips away at journalistic standards, and he’ll keep chipping away at it until people who read his papers have no issue with photoshopped propaganda – mass typos (the story the other day about a bouncer king hit and put in intensive care had MASSIVE typos – “TWO” instead of “TO” and about 5 others in the first paragraph. I was gobsmacked. (I only cast an eye over their stuff to keep an eye on them – they need to be watched like a bloody hawk).

  8. Enquvist

    Actually I just went on the DT – here’s the top story – guess what – a #%^#$ TYPO!!! And this is the standards we’ll have if people continue to allow Murdoch’s papers to continue on the way they do.

    A paparazzo on a bike wiped out the Ausie actress this morning outside the Carlyle Hotel in New York as she was returning from a show at New York Fasion Week.

  9. Enquvist

    Actually two typos – Ausie and Fasion


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