Sep 12, 2013


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28 thoughts on “Every clown has a silver lining.

  1. drmick

    It is a bit like the nuns told us; you know, cheaters never prosper. But justice can be poetic and ironic all at once. Still, she would have made a natural connection with her racism, the shooters party looking for something to shoot at and the motoring party wanting access to every square inch of the island. “Culling” they call it; pretty good deterrent for anyone thinking of an indonesian south seas fishing boat tour as well.

  2. Mike Jones

    Craft beer IS great. What would someone who goes around three times before he sits down, licks his tackle and who sniffs bottoms know about craft beer anyway?

    On a less abusive note, this was a ball-tearer toon today Firsty. One of the girls in our office laughed so hard she fahrted – which kicked off another round of out of control hilarity.

    Thanks for making light of the first week of the dark ages.

  3. zut alors

    I propose the smug infantile lefties organise a formal Apology to the Slighted S0phie…and then pull a no show. What goes around…

  4. Andybob

    Mirabelli, Mirabelli tiny little thing
    Watch the voters dance, hear the voters sing
    This is what can happen if your heart is very small
    And you go through life as if you’re nine feet tall

  5. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    I wiki’ed Ristretto which I thought was a fascist term devised by the GMO slave labour capitalist nescafe empire (I’m soo left I’ve gone all the way around myself and am facing the wrong way now aren’t I).
    Actually it involves ” pulling a hand press (shown at right) faster than usual using the same amount of water as a regular shot of espresso”
    Oddly appropriate.

  6. PDGFD1

    If only it’s true… no way I’ll be hiding my smile (like the tiny stuff Firsty, even if I have to get out a magnifying glass – always worth the effort)

    Andyb… gold!

    zut.. I’m in for a no-show (can we get some craft beer elsewhere?)

    s.i.l sisters (has a ring to it)

  7. drovers cat

    … you mean she was actually born?
    I thought she was the pure product of the Liberal Party machine

  8. zut alors

    The downside is that S0phie M will qualify for a regular gig on The Drum. Mistakenly, we thought some panels couldn’t get any worse.

  9. Bill Hilliger

    born? spawned!

  10. Andybob

    Cuban or Hispanolian solenodon ? Gotta love a venomous mammal.

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