Sep 11, 2013

We all go down with the ship on Clive’s cruise to Parliament

Clive Palmer kept the media guessing on election night -- until he sniffed a win. Freelance journalist James Rose reflects on his night with Clive -- who now looms large on the political scene.

The entrance to Clive Palmer’s salubrious digs is marked by a huge picture of the Titanic. Clive’s Titanic. The billboard shows the bow of the ship, seen from below, like it’s going to crush you as you drive into the the ritzy resort. Approaching on this Saturday night, election night, I thought it was a clever symbol for a doomed campaign: the massive, expensive, unsinkable ship known as Clive Palmer meets the iceberg of the electorate. And sinks.

But it didn’t, did it? Lively Clive — “Clively Palmer”? — looks to have perhaps won his seat (Fairfax) and as much as one-fifth of the national vote — with a couple of senators possibly thrown in for good measure.

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2 thoughts on “We all go down with the ship on Clive’s cruise to Parliament

  1. peterh_oz

    Onef ifth of the vote? Or 5% ie one twentieth?

  2. Serenatopia

    There are plenty of rich bitches in Government—they are in the APS! Using your public money to fund their friends in law, accounting and consulting firms…How about the lobbyists? They are not as visual as Clive…As for Palmer’s PUPS i.e fallen soldiers and ex-Rugby players—he chose them well i.e. people who will never threaten his draconian ego-maniac ways!

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