A Palmer United Party candidate who seems likely to co-hold the balance of power in the Senate wants a return to national military service, looks to a "higher power" for policy guidance and has been described as "Steve Fielding without the stunts". With 78% of the vote counted, the PUP has won 6.9% of the Senate vote in Tasmania (0.48 of a quota). Candidate Jacqui Lambie is a good chance to win the state's sixth Senate seat, which would put her in the balance of power along with a motley crew of microparties. The result may not be known for two weeks. It's understood Lambie told SurgFM this morning that if Clive Palmer didn't win Fairfax, she would run for leadership of the PUP. Before the election she declared she would be the "special minister for Tasmania" if she won. So who is Jacqui Lambie? Based in Tasmania's conservative north-west, she first tried the ALP and the Liberals before turning to the PUP because she needed money to campaign. "To be honest I was running out of money," she told AAP about her conversion to Clive. "I just didn't have the money like the big players did for advertising."

Jacqui Lambie's PUP campaign ad