Sep 3, 2013

Richard Farmer’s campaign bites

The media has given up on pretending this election campaign is actually a contest and is now focusing on what Tony Abbott will do when he is prime minister.

Richard Farmer

Crikey political commentator

Campaign reading. Journalists have moved on from writing about who will win to consider how Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will actually be able to govern. Laura Tingle gives her version of “Abbott may be forced to reap what he’s sown“, behind the paywall in the Financial Review:


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5 thoughts on “Richard Farmer’s campaign bites

  1. CML

    Richard – Re: the article by Tim Colebatch which you mention: I have no sympathy for Abbott in relation to the state of the current federal budget. If you want to know why, read Alan Austin’s article in the Independent Australia newspaper, ‘We really must talk about the Howard and Costello economic disaster’.
    The previous Coalition government, in which Abbott was a senior minister, caused the current mess, so it is only fitting that he (Abbott) should clean it up! Why is it that not even in Crikey do we hear the FACTS this comment piece contains?
    There are a lot of misguided LNP drones parroting a lot of nonsense it seems, particularly in the MSM!!

  2. Matt Hardin

    Could the coalition numbers be broken into National and Liberal, after all Mr Abbott has refused to do deals with minor parties to firm a government. We need to know the Liberal numbers.

  3. klewso

    Then there’s Katter and Tony Crook (a “WA Gnat”)?

  4. AR

    I think you’ll find that Hewson lost the unlosable in 1993 not 1991.

  5. Richard Farmer

    AR -Quite right. I just cut and pasted from the SMH without thinking.
    Thank you.

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