Sep 2, 2013

It’s Slipper v Brough, a battle of Shakespearean ennui

Freelance journalist James Rose is in the infamous seat of Fisher, with Peter Slipper on one side, Mal Brough on the other and apathy as far as the eye can see in between.

It’s still winter in Kawana, but the shade is beckoning as the mid-afternoon sun bites. A thin southerly disturbs the palm fronds that go for native vegetation here, clustered about the urban sprawl that spreads like a stain, crowding up to the stunning beach strip. It’s all traffic, big box stores and a kind of gritty, consumer functionality peopled by sour, ruddy faces and framed by unyielding surfaces. This piece of Gold Coast-style suburbia dropped into the Sunshine Coast, an hour’s spin northwards up the politically contested Bruce from Brisbane, is riven by broad streets and broader views. And Shakespeare, yes, there’s a bit of Shakespeare here.


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5 thoughts on “It’s Slipper v Brough, a battle of Shakespearean ennui

  1. Helen Jurie

    Hi James..was there not a male in sight that all your questions except for those to Peter Slipper were directed to females who were obviously suffering from sunstroke to the brain?
    Women fought and died for our right to vote these women are a disgrace to our sex.

  2. bilge

    As a resident of Fisher, this article misrepresents the real dynamic. There are 8 other candidates contesting which has created a vibrant discussion of the value of Greens v Labor, Palmer v Katter,Family First v Australian Independents. More homework please and less stereotyping.

  3. zut alors

    The small random sample of potential voters here is quite shocking. They fail to understand that power truly vests with the people – and this bunch deserves what’s about to hit them.

    Congratulations Mr Murdoch, your Dumbing Down Australia agenda is well advanced.

  4. CML

    No mention, James, that the judge in the Ashbygate court case ‘tipped a bucket’ on one of the candidates you focused on? Take a bow, Mal Brough! Can’t imagine why you are still in the race – you are a total disgrace. And so is the rAbbott for not removing you from contesting Fisher on behalf of the Coalition. Says it all really. YUK!!

  5. Josi V

    I must live on a different planet to three of the four posters above.
    Women get verbally insulted enough, thanks.
    I don’t think that parties like Family First, Palmer or Katter, et al., create any sort of ‘vibe’.
    Murdoch will not survive the thrashing the Australian public will give him once they realise he brainwashed them into voting for Abbott (when they’ve finished savaging Abbott, of course).
    I paid a subscription to Crikey but had to learn about Ashbygate from IA? Thanks, CML.

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