Regional newspapers are thin

Frank Ward writes: Re. “Bush telegraph hang-up: reality check as regional revenues tumble” (yesterday). As an avid paper reader I have noticed that the local Fairfax papers are becoming less and less readable because they have reduced their local reporters and the only things being featured are those written by local groups covering their events or features about products that are advertised in the paper. Even the local council is not covered and the only reporting is the handout of the mayor or GM. Our local “editor” will not publish any letters that contain any criticism of the mayor for fear of a writ.

I cannot understand why Fairfax doesn’t use the talents of their great writers like Ross Gittins and co to have a national affairs page in all their papers. As these articles are already available to Fairfax I am sure that if they were slipped into the centre page of the local rag us locals would read and appreciate it rather than just throw the paper in the bin unless they are looking for a house or car. I am sure these great writers would be pleased that their thoughtful articles are reaching a greater readership. So Fairfax get your finger out and do something or advertisers will stop using your papers as the readers abandon the local.

Those dodgy polls

Paul Hampton-Smith writes: Re. “Who pays the pollster calls the tune? Daily Tele caught out” (Wednesday). Recent research by the Australian Communications and Media Authority indicates that nearly 20% of Australians do not have a fixed line phone. As I understand it, pollsters only contact fixed phones? If so, this is likely to represent an increasingly skewed subset of the population. For instance, what is the correlation between mobile-only users and those familiar with social media, the use of which is thought to be a Rudd strength? Mobile-only users are in general likely to be younger and more tech-savvy, probably less conservative.

Blame Kevin

Richard Barlow writes: Re. “Murdoch and elections” (yesterday). Let’s not blame Rupert for Kevin’s current woes. Kevin has had three years to plot and scheme, and this is the best campaign he could come up with. As they say in their ads, that’s Awesome News.