Aug 30, 2013

Revealed: Assange knee-deep in failed WikiLeaks preference deals

Although Julian Assange has claimed the WikiLeaks preference deal was an "administrative error", leaked emails reveal Assange was behind the controversial deal.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

A damning internal email trail from inside the WikiLeaks Party has revealed that Ecuadorian Embassy recluse Julian Assange was intimately involved in the Senate preference debacle that led to the party’s implosion.

Leaked emails sent by Assange and obtained by Crikey lay bare the internal war that consumed the transparency advocates and show how the self-described “president” and “party leader” tried to railroad democratic processes and impose the will of a small clique of acolytes. There is no WikiLeaks leader or president — under its constitution the party is controlled by an 11-member council.

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12 thoughts on “Revealed: Assange knee-deep in failed WikiLeaks preference deals

  1. Richard

    Wirrpanda kicked a few goals in his career but was much better known as a backman.

  2. Richard Wagcock

    The author has joined in the anti-Assange war-drive and will soon be rewarded with a Political Exchange tour of the United States. Shame.

  3. Steve777

    Anyone who doesn’t want an Abbott Goverrnment to control the Senate with the help of right wing fringe groups should ignore Wikileaks and vote ALP or Green above the line. Alternatively they could vote below the line and number candidates as they see fit. But with 100+ candidates on a metre wide ballot paper and names in almost unreadable fine print in large states, the risk of an informal vote is high.

    Bottom line – vote Wikileaks and risk handing the Senate to Abbott, possibly with the support of far right fringe candidates who, for example, want to allow shooters in National parks or who believe that bush fires are God’s punishment for allowing abortion.

  4. Mark Duffett

    I thought the best part about this was the word ‘assinged’. Is that an elision for when you’ve been assigned by Assange?

  5. Bob the builder

    Assange has done a poor job here. It was pretty obvious that his strengths don’t lie in consensual decision-making, so don’t know why he bothered setting up a democratic constitution if he just wanted to be a top dog.
    As far as I’m concerned he’s already contributed more than most to democracy, so while I think his behaviour here is shitty, I don’t think that in any way detracts from what he has given the world.

  6. owlcode

    > his strengths don’t lie in consensual decision-making


  7. Julia Gollan

    I resigned my membership of WikiLeaks Party yesterday. I’d volunteered to hand out how to vote cards and was advised to instruct people to ‘put a number one in the i box above the line. I for integrity’. What a terribly farcical situation, considering the lack of integrity exhibited by Julian Assange and John Shipton in particular.

  8. Observation

    A great opportunity wasted. Very disappointed with the dumb tactics from what I thought to be an intelligent man.

  9. bluepoppy

    Also disappointed in the preferences decision and the seemingly disorganised nature of the Council. While supporting the party’s Wikileaks goals of making governments more open, I hope the party does not fall into the trap of becoming political ‘strategists’ at the expense of values.

    That is why people looked to the Wikileaks Party. They purport to be different. To be fair there is still time for the party to get it’s act together but it has to be both professional and done with haste. Admitting error is not a weakness, in fact it is a strength. Is Julian Assange able to grow from this or will he be steadfast in an attempt to be seen as ‘right’ (pardon the pun).

  10. Nick the Hippy

    So someone is leaking Julian Assange’s emails to the Wikileaks Party. Surely someone is making this up.

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