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Aug 30, 2013




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22 thoughts on “Policy Costing for Dummies: A First Dog Guide

  1. zut alors

    Too true, Firsty. Short of closing down News Corp the Opposition Leader can now get away with anything, no questions asked. Literally.

    On September 8 the era of the page three girl will resume.

  2. rhwombat

    I’m with Damian: eat this! Love the bellows.

  3. ernmalleyscat

    The greatest trick the rabbott ever pulled was convincing the electorate that numbers don’t matter in a budget. It’s just a palaver. With sprinkles.

  4. Venise Alstergren

    HOT DOG: Was that Eel Morney or Eel Moray?

    If our Kev had better advisers, and Rupert Murdoch’s minions lost their jobs-We should be so lucky!-the Rabbott only has to pull himself out of a hat and be home (in a canter) and hosed (down) in time to watch the other contenders slugging it out for the minor placings. Woe is me, woe is me.

  5. rhwombat

    emc. They’re not sprinkles….

  6. drmick

    Xanax? Thats a Benzo; the last time this unspeakable trash were in we had the PROZAC Nation. We will all need anti depressants and lots of anti-psychotics to make any sense of the urban ape mans abbotocracy. We have had a taste of the future in NSW under fatty and NPWS Snipers, and up in Qld with Napoleon and the bananaheads. Their destruction of hard won rights and years of fighting for the worker and their retirement benefits, perpetrated on a national scale will mean we will all be dining on that passionfruit pav pav and hoping they keep the PBS.

  7. Andybob

    Why can’t we get just one sum ?
    Why can’t we get just one sum ?
    I guess because they think we’re dumb
    We’ve waited so long, for just one.

    Day after day
    We get angry
    And we say
    That the day is in our sight
    When our leaders talk pure shite

  8. paddy

    Stuff the anti-depressants Dr Mick. This great nation of ours was built on booze and plenty of it from the rum corps onwards.
    If it’s good enough for the NSW right, then it’s probably good enough for feral green bastard like me.
    I’ve been secretly restocking the cellar with the gift of the grape for months now. So I figure by Sat week, I’ll have enough to last out the three years.
    Cheers comrades.

  9. stephen bartos

    brilliant. much better than my boring clarifier!

  10. stephen bartos

    seriously though, read both. please.

  11. Andrew L

    Can I have extra xanax on my my xanax please?

  12. drmick

    Onya Paddy. I too have been expecting the worst, and have been busy producing gallons of fine home brew at DrMicks Moonshine, Euphonimarium Speakeasy & Boutique. A couple of quick “Warm Inn” Ciders, and you can keep your election circus and the clowns that go with it.
    Bastard took my dollar a day pay rise too. We love working in aged care and with the younger poor buggers that no one else will take; but thank Dog for home brew and appropriate medication. Cheers Bruvvers & Sisters.

  13. drmick

    Happy Fathers Day to First God and the rest of the Dogonaut Dads. I know its chintzy, twee, provocative to about 51% of the population and “american”; but it is a nice excuse for people who care, to meet, greet, drink and eat meat with the old man.

  14. Venise Alstergren

    DRMICK: You are sweet; very thoughtful. Cheers V

  15. The Pav

    The Govt costed Abbotts policies based on their announcements but when the PBO calculated then the govt was wrong based on the onfo Abbott & the Liberals provided.

    I guess that means that the Liberals election adds are false and the truth was given to the PBO or was it vice versa.

    Anyway it sure means the Liberals policies & costings are false

  16. Circus Taximus

    Please please please can we have panel 7 on a t-shirt in time for non-specific-deity-midsummer-fest? (I think I mean 7 – anyhow ‘f*ck the election…’)

    (…oh … and maybe something with Jasper…)

  17. klewso

    Isn’t “c/- Murdoch’s Black Hole” Abbott’s address?

  18. drmick

    Oh well; same as last year; a put in and a shirt; both too big.
    Cheers Venise

  19. Sandshoe

    Great cartoon and stunning signature, Firsty.

  20. Dan Gulberry

    So how come neither ABC24 nor Slynews broadcasts the “spurning of the boffin” event?


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