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Aug 28, 2013




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18 thoughts on “Hiding in plain sight: The true story of Senator Ludlam’s hair

  1. Andybob

    So thats why the Greens are regarded as a fringe party.

  2. zut alors

    Gary looks like he could be easily teased. The Coalition thinks Gary needs straightening out.

  3. McPhee

    Is it true that “Gary” (if that is his real name) and Brendan Nelson’s hair have never been seen in the same room together?

  4. Venise Alstergren

    Thank God Gary doesn’t have short back and sides; otherwise it would be a prec-hair-ious situation.

  5. ernmalleyscat

    There’ll be hell toupee if the party doesn’t get back to its roots.

  6. klewso

    Nice to see someone’s noticed someone else has fished Warren Trussed out to announce a new and “exciting” train, today?

  7. Raaraa

    Shame the Mayor of London didn’t take the opportunity to meet “Gary”.

  8. klewso

    All well and good, but who’d win a race between Garry and a tortoise?

  9. paddy

    Bloody hell FD.
    Offer me a Leadbeater’s Possum and *I’ll* happily seek asylum.

    Come September the 8th it’ll be me and the possum,
    both heading to sea in a beautiful pea green boat.

  10. PDGFD1

    paddy… stock up now for your trip, honey (not to mention £5 notes) may be in short supply if you and the possum don’t qualify as an Oztralyan ‘working family’ and/or neither of you is pregnant.

  11. drovers cat

    Right you lot …
    Scott, maintain Gary’s bouffant style; (a) parting would be such sweet sorrow

  12. paddy

    Thanks for the tip PDGFD1
    Hear that FD?
    I’ll be wanting a *pregnant* Leadbeater’s Possum please.
    Never let it be said, that I don’t take endangered species (and my asylum seeker status) seriously.

  13. Venise Alstergren

    PUNS at fifty paces and may the best person wince.

  14. drmick

    Is he Australian or a Merkin? Hard to tell from this angle.If you cut him does he bleed? if you scratch him does he become aroused?

  15. PDGFD1

    I take it your protestations of love were false, and I shall soon be ‘traded in’ for a marsupial.
    Just when the long-awaited pea-green boat was becoming a reality..
    (should’ve expected as much from a Dogonaut)

  16. TheFamousEccles

    OMFG! One way or ‘tother, it could be argued that this is one of the greatest collection of puns ever assembled, or I’ve just flipped my wig… But that would just be splitting hairs…

    Andybob and EMC have my vote

  17. Sandshoe

    You couldn’t tie it up in a chignon, but Gary is hil-hair-iously enough to get by with.

    Thank you Venise for the thought. (I modelled hil-hair-iously on prec-hair-ious, a poor imitation but flattery.)


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