Tips and rumours

Aug 20, 2013

Tips and rumours

Shorten hits luxury fashion high note ... Clive Palmer's odd election merch ... have you got your robocall yet? ...

From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours … Not short'en style. "Subtly elegant. Decisively contemporary. Infinitely versatile." And if that doesn't sum up Labor frontbencher Bill Shorten, we don't know what does. That conclusion was sparked from this observation from a jet-setting mole: "Bill Shorten seen going through security at the Sydney virgin lounge ... complete with Louis Vuitton suit bag <gags>." We looked up some Louis Vuitton bags and found the catchphrase above. Check out the company's man bags here. They're certainly not cheap, so what is this hero of the working class doing toting one around? Shorten then headed straight for "The Club", Virgin's equivalent of Qantas' fancy invitation-only "Chairman's Lounge". The Chairman's Lodge is an old-white-man-only zone full of pollies getting free food and wine -- and keeping well away from the great unwashed jammed into the gate lounges. Watch out for Clive's iceberg. A surprised reader received this in his mailbox in the Brisbane electorate yesterday, and has kindly offered to send Crikey the Titanic II "video" contained within (another reader received the package in New England). The kit comes in a sealed plastic sleeve.

We took note, too, of where it was printed ... isn't Palmer all about protecting the future of Australian industry?

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One thought on “Tips and rumours

  1. Keith Thomas

    “I was VERY angry to have my Sunday night dinner interrupted by an unwanted call.”

    Anyone who is “VERY angry” because of these occasional calls needs to calm down a bit and consider anger management classes. Such calls are no more than a low-level annoyance that lasts for a few weeks every few years. Confected anger like this makes me wonder what these “VERY angry” people would do if someone’s behaviour seriously affected their lives.

    If they were “VERY angry” they would get out from behind the keyboard and visit the local office of the party that made the call and make their point in a way that is really likely to get attention. That might not reach as wide an audience, of course. So we can judge whether these whingers are more “show pony” than motivated to address the problem.

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