Aug 20, 2013

Koukoulas: is the dollar back on the rise?

Higher commodity prices, looming interest rate hikes and stronger GDP growth point to a rising Aussie dollar in 2014. A return to parity could be on the cards, writes Stephen Koukoulas at Business Spectator.

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Foreign exchange and bond markets are starting to “get it”. There is a growing understanding from investors in global markets that we are witnessing a marked improvement in the world economy. In addition to this, there are clear signs of an upturn in the Australian economy and there are even snippets of news in some of the recent economic data that suggest the Reserve Bank could be hiking interest rates during 2014.


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4 thoughts on “Koukoulas: is the dollar back on the rise?

  1. Harry Rogers

    Business Spectator…hmmm? Oh yes I remember them …they sold their souls to Rupert.
    A totally credible source of…. what?

  2. Tom Langdon

    Harry Rogers, try harder.

    Interesting article.

  3. Limited News

    A strengthening $A could indicate a build-up of speculative interest in gold and silver and by implication weakness in the $US. The global economy is not looking too flash, it just doesn’t seem a likely factor to me, China is a looking a bit shaky and US official numbers are a mirage.

  4. Harry Rogers

    Tom, Its about as interesting as watching Berbanke talk.

    I come from a time where economists were never heard of and were only dragged out by the banks at budget time. Now they are all celebrities who are paid a fortune and never, ever held to account.

    Imagine twenty years ago thinking that you could fill the web with daily points of view on the currency and paying people a salary to predict movements.

    God help the younger generation (I mean school kids) who are instructed to read this garbage put forward as intelligent circumspection. Give me a break!

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