Aug 20, 2013

Campaign scorecard: parental leave trips up Abbott

Crikey asks the sharpest political commentators which leader got the best of the campaigning day yesterday, plus we track where the leaders are and what cash promises they’ve made …

Crikey asks the sharpest political commentators which leader got the best of the campaigning day yesterday, plus we track where the leaders are and what cash promises they’ve made … 


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10 thoughts on “Campaign scorecard: parental leave trips up Abbott

  1. Steve777

    It seems that whoever you thought won the day depends upon which team you support. And Abbott a conviction politician? What conviction politician would plan to spend billions on a plant that won’t work to reduce the emission of an invisible (and therefore harmless?) gas to fix a problem he doesn’t believe exists.

  2. timothy ghost

    does anyone in australia give a toss what rupert murdoch thinks?

  3. Venise Alstergren

    Jesuitical Socialism is the only way to look at the Rabbott’s latest social agenda. Full pay for six months post-natal mothers with no guarantee the ladies will even return to their jobs. @ $75,000 a head from big business. Of course big business will be delighted to fork out this sort of money with no guarantee of the ladies concerned coming back???!!! Oh yeah?

    Only a rabid catholic determined to over populate this country could have come up with this doozie. Big business will hive off the expense by jacking up their prices and the ladies concerned will wonder why companies will be hiring older women-if they have to hire women at all. Then should the outrage begin.

    The Rabbott will blame Labor and the cost of living will rocket up. Nice one Tony; what are you, the second horseman of the Apocalypse?

  4. cnewt27

    Sorry, “sharpest minds”? Tim Wilson from the IPA? If I wanted to hear the IPA view of the world (Labor Evil, Liberal Good) I’d just have to watch the ABC where he is all over the place with that eerie smirk. Is this what I get for my Crikey subscription? If so colour me unlikely to resubscribe. Get the IPA back to the Australian and the ABC where they belong.

  5. mattsui

    “Who won the day?” not Crikey.
    Why bother with this article if it is going to be so lame and predictable? Your readers are mostly following these events for themselves and will make up their own minds.
    PR wingnut Conolly’s statement doesn’t even make sense.

  6. anna macki

    Rupert murdock can go to buggery. his opinions mean nought to me

  7. romax

    I am also a subscriber. Joined Crikey because they promised FAIR comments. Well that is a joke.Crikey is more critical on Labour than ever before. I do not need Crikey telling me that Labour is doing badly and is going to loose. I say wait and see and tone down your negative comments please. Rosa M.

  8. tonyfunnywalker

    With Rupert on your side – Rudd like Obama is guaranteed a win. No one has done more to trash democracy in Australia the the two fore mentioned – I would have thought the Metropolitan police would have been of more concern for Rupert at the moment. Interesting article by Paul Kelly today- balance from the Australian? – then you read Janet Albrechsen and have a great laugh at her psychoanalysis of Rudd. Almost as laughable as Rundle’s Dear Leader parody. I note that I am not the only subscriber that is pissed off with Crikey- I note. Lift your game – its only FDOTM that is worth reading these days.

  9. MJPC

    Why are we reading what RM tweets? I agree with others here; who gives a stuff really. At any rate he’s a yank now. If we want his oipinion we could read it in the Daily Telegraph (in NSW) or The Australian. Of course TA would be a conviction pollie to him, he’s the only one who will save Ruperts foxtel empire by fibre to the node in the NBN: 19thC bandaid for a 21stC technology, GHUA!

  10. Venise Alstergren

    The man who Rupert Murdoch is spending millions to support has today announced that his paid post-natal fully funded maternal support scheme is only half funded.

    AND, of course Tony Rabbott has said that the Libs will ban all donations to the Party from big tobacco. AFTER THE ELECTION. Which makes me wonder what he is going to do with all donations gratefully received, thus far: return them???

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