Aug 14, 2013

Doing it tough in Forde, Beattie’s would-be electorate

With former Queensland premier Peter Beattie announcing his candidacy for the federal seat of Forde, writer Melissa Lucashenko reports from Logan to find out what he's campaigning for.

Four years ago I moved with no great enthusiasm and a troubled child to Logan City, one of Australia’s 10 poorest urban areas. It’s in the seat of Forde, where ex-premier Peter Beattie is mounting a political comeback. There’s plenty for him to do.



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10 thoughts on “Doing it tough in Forde, Beattie’s would-be electorate

  1. Andrew McMillen

    Incredible piece of writing. Thank you, Melissa.

  2. McPhee

    Woodridge and Logan Central are actually in Rankin – see http://www.aec.gov.au/profiles/qld/files/2009/2009-aec-a4-map-qld-rankin-v2.pdf. Forde is to the south and takes in Loganlea (aka Corby Country), Beenleigh and Eagleby.

  3. Gwynevar

    Good on her for leaving her abusive partner, that would have been very difficult. I know she said she hates pity and she doesn’t want handouts, but its rather hard to read of her struggle and not want to help her, especially knowing her money simply doesn’t stretch as far as it should. Thank goodness she has the drive to finish her TAFE course and move on.

  4. zut alors

    A very moving piece of writing. I wish Selma was a neighbour I could help, her strength is inspirational. Let’s hope TAFE and her sons are her saviours.

  5. Bob the builder

    Well done Crikey for (re-)publishing this, we need lots more! The mainstream media, which supposedly hates ‘the elites’, leaves whole large sections of our society without a voice.
    This is the type of writing this country needs a lot more of!

  6. nasking

    Woodridge is not Forde. We live in Waterford West which is nothing like Woodridge. You need to get facts right. Harrowing story tho. However, it does tend to feed into the mainstream media’s Logan stereotypes. It’s a diverse area. Lots of change going on. Few in our area of Waterford West are poor nor struggling like those you describe. I’d appreciate if you stereotyped less. And as pointed out, Woodridge not Forde.

  7. tanya schouten

    While this is a touching story, I do not believe this woman lives in Woodridge. For one she does not know what electorate it is in and she is spouting 20 year old stereotypes of the area which I do not feel are true today. I moved to the 4114 postcode with trepidation 7 years ago and found its reputation is unfounded. It is a truly cultural diverse area which I happy to raise my young family in.

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