Aug 12, 2013

Labor’s disendorsed candidate caught by factional get-square

A local powerbroker was the source of a savage shit sheet that looks to have short-circuited Geoff Lake's promising political career.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

Forces aligned to the divided ALP Right repeatedly backgrounded senior journalists with recycled smears against dumped ALP Hotham candidate Geoff Lake for six weeks before the claims were splashed in mass circulation News Corporation tabloids on Saturday.


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9 thoughts on “Labor’s disendorsed candidate caught by factional get-square

  1. Ongo Pongi

    Lake intimidated a woman with severe impairment, calling her profane names and throwing his weight around. I don’t care where it’s come from or what the excuses are, it was a disgrace and he ought to have dumped. Rudd did the right thing. The successor sounds much more suitable anyway.

  2. Ongo Pongi

    Ought to have been dumped

  3. David Sanderson

    No matter what the pressures and circumstances at the time there is something unforgivably weird and off-putting about the kind of abuse that was directed at a wheelchair-bound woman. He could have said she was dishonest and a liar and no-one would now have a problem with that but this kind of abuse needs more explanation, and a more grovelling apology, than has been so far provided, if he is to move his political career forward.
    I don’t see how Rudd had any choice other than to remove him and those who selected him should have seen this problem coming.

  4. Mike Smith

    @Ongo: I don’t know the story either, perhaps she deserved it. I’ve known one person that was severely impaired that was well capable of giving as good as s/he got, in the profanity department. Labor deserves, I think to have this character run Independent. 🙂 The more independents we get that can verbally abuse their fellow parliamentarians the better.

  5. klewso

    What about saying something nasty (re motivation) about a bloke dying of mesothelioma?

  6. Mike Smith

    @Klewso: Wasn’t that Abbott? Ref Bernie Banton?

  7. Ongo Pongi

    Clare O’Neill is an excellent candidate. She must disavow the factions and be part of cleaning out corruption from Labor’s rank ranks.

  8. Mike Smith

    THe factions will have put here there, you think it at all likely she will turn on them?

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