Apologist in chief

Roy Ramage writes: Re. “Peter Beattie is the anti-politician Rudd and Labor need” (Friday). The key reason for Beattie to do a Lazarus is that he is Labor’s best apologiser. So often his hangdog expression was appreciated by Queenslanders as he said sorry. Sorry for a continuum of stuff-ups. When Labor has to apologise again, which it will need to do repeatedly, what better man to do so than “I’m sorry” Beattie? By the way, if Labor does hold on, will Beattie keep his fully indexed state super and then draw a generous Canberra salary?

Murdoch deal?

Keith Binns writes: Re. “Crikey says: it’s always Murdoch who decides” (Thursday). If Abbott has done a done a with Murdoch, why should we be surprised? Abbott is happy to have a foreigner as our head of state, why not as a main political player?

Beattie irony

Martin Gordon writes: Re. “Keane on week 1: atavism, ATMs and voodoo bullshit” (Friday). I found the fact that Labor has reset its Queensland campaign by conscripting Beattie to run in a marginal seat intriguing. Beattie has a lot of baggage (and lack of residency in Forde and even Australia for some time): Dr Death (Patel that is), deficits, debts, infrastructure deficiencies. His lack of love from Kevin Rudd was obvious from his comments relating to his service for Wayne Goss, his own Rudd government and his undermining of Gillard. The biggest head scratcher is how you have a has-been Prime Minister and has-been premier running on a platform of A New Way —  the irony or absurdity is amazing.

Nothing going for News Corp

Les Heimann writes: Re. “Kim Williams lobbed out of News Corp, clearing path for Murdoch Jnr?” (Friday). Who wants to be a News Corp stooge anyway? The organisation is tanking. Reading one of its rags — any one of them — is simply a waste of time ’cause you ain’t reading news, folks, if you read News Corp stuff.

The dictatorial stranglehold by a delusional octogenarian who cares nothing for the truth or morals (ask the Poms) is choking the life out of all his media outlets. The  journalists who work for him are either devotees of Ayn Rand, sycophants or just plain greedy for the pittance they are paid.

Suckers being played for suckers.

Aussies love their sport and that’s why they buy the Tele, the Hun and his other offerings. The other stuff isn’t even glanced at. Soon it will be goodbye to him and goodbye to them. Goodbye, and bad luck.

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