Aug 9, 2013

Richard Farmer’s campaign bites

Now we find out how the recruitment of Peter Beattie came about. Plus other bite-sized morsels of the campaign.

Richard Farmer

Crikey political commentator

Campaign reading: The recruitment of the latest star candidate. Dennis Atkins has another of his insightful pieces in the Courier Mail this morning explaining how the recruitment of former Queensland premier Peter Beattie as PM Kevin Rudd's captain's choice came about. His "Party Games: It's a big show, but recruiting the media tart could turn sour for Rudd" explains how when the Labor team looked at polling from Queensland a couple of weeks ago there was a glaring problem: while seats like Brisbane and Bonner on the bayside were very winnable, Forde to the capital's south was not.
"Rudd and his strategist Bruce Hawker tossed the problem around, and Hawker suggested Beattie might be the answer. "About a week ago, Rudd called the former premier and put the proposal to him. Beattie knew he'd have to convince his wife Heather and asked for time. He didn't need much."
"School switch has taught us a lot about Abbott" -- Phillip Hudson in Melbourne's Herald Sun points out how pure politics forced the reversal of the Coalition's opposition to Labor's 'Better Schools' program.

"Bum steer: dog whistling no Pacific solution" -- Mark Baker in The Age:
"As the now-bipartisan chant of  'Stop the Boats' has grown shriller, it has encouraged a more strident venting in the wider community of undercurrents of xenophobia and racism that shame the nation's long-standing ethos of fairness, tolerance and humanity. "Equally pernicious is the extent to which the news media have been mired in this increasingly ugly debate -- mostly failing to robustly challenge the politicians and sections of the public joined in the cycle of scaremongering and too often pouring fuel on the flames of prejudice. "The Rudd government's rebranded Pacific Solution -- under which all new boat arrivals will be sent directly to Papua New Guinea and Nauru for processing and resettlement -- has exposed a fresh low-water mark. "Implicit in the government's message to those contemplating the perilous voyage is not only that Australia is of out bounds for resettlement but that PNG and Nauru are deeply unpleasant places to wind up in -- a fate, if not worse than death, at least much worse than sweating it out in the crowded refugee camps of Indonesia."
On our journalist of the campaign honour board there are three new comers this morning with the Sydney Morning Herald pair of Peter Hartcher and Ross Gittins just in front of the growing field.

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5 thoughts on “Richard Farmer’s campaign bites

  1. klewso

    Do you reckon Jones would seek out someone – to publicise their views – who thought a Rudd policy would work?

  2. shepherdmarilyn

    Who cares, I have boycotted the whole wretched thing and will find a house brick to mark 1 on the ballot.

  3. shepherdmarilyn

    But Klewso it is not a policy, it is illegal criminal human trafficking to win votes.

  4. klewso

    I didn’t say it was right – unfortunately it is popular. The electorate has made a deal, and traded it’s core for fear.
    You can’t do anything in Opposition – except play martyr.

    Remember the last Murdoch Election Stunt? Pulling the team of the “show-buses”?
    They can’t afford that now – Abbott has to win this, it may be “Murdoch’s Last Stand”?
    So, now they’re all aboard “The You’re Unreal Tony Stunt Bus” …. sing the chorus
    “Got me daughters on the bus,
    Look at me me me,
    Me me me.
    Got the daughters on the bus,
    Vote for me me me
    I’m the Unreal Tony!”

  5. klewso

    Pessimism has been installed/inveigled as the national past-time.
    Women and men can compete on equal footing – for the same “purse”. There’s no advantage in the innate gender “strengths” pertaining to either.
    It is literally, the one game “the whole family can play” – there is no (gender) Monopoly.

    A large lump of the populace is quite happy at allowing themselves to be made to feel apprehensive and “scared shitless” – it validates their prejudices, opinions and their sense of being right (“Told you so!”).

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