Aug 9, 2013

Media briefs: questions for journos … raiding Foxtel … News Corp ban …

Is News Corp going to try to force Telstra out of Foxtel? There's talk it will happen, but it could cost billions.

Helpful questions from the Coalition. The Liberal Party is finding  journos' questions to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on the campaign trail too soft. In a bid to boost quality journalism, the Coalition has sent out a helpful list of questions they might want to ask the PM. ABC journo Latike Bourke tweeted them:

The problem with the Coalition tactic is that, by sending these to a number of journalists, they've guaranteed the questions will come to light and that no self-respecting journalist (yeah, OK) will then ask them, even if they 'd already planned to ask something similar. So, a helpful hint to Coalition HQ: next time, pick up the phone and ring a hack you think will do your bidding, rather than spamming the Prime Minister's entire bus. -- Bernard Keane

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2 thoughts on “Media briefs: questions for journos … raiding Foxtel … News Corp ban …

  1. zut alors

    Just when I was beginning to sink below the murky surface the Slightly Twisted Refreshment Cafe has come to the rescue.

  2. shepmyster

    The simplest ideas are often the best, well done to the management of that cafe. (what’s its name? I might have to start frequenting it).
    I may start posting signs with a similar message, with the blanket coverage the Murdoch press has, it’s the only way anybody who does not share Rupert’s views can get theirs heard.

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