Aug 6, 2013

Hold the front page: is investigative reporting making a comeback?

Newsrooms are contracting, and there is less money to fund journalism. So investigative reporting must also be suffering. On the contrary, writes Andrea Carson at The Citizen.

Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

The news cycle is faster, its appetite for stories voracious; audiences have fragmented, meaning newspapers are no longer the prevailing influence in Australian society they were 50 years earlier. Long-form and investigative reporting are a luxury, as media outlets compete to break the next “big” story, rarely dwelling on the last one.

Ground-breaking investigative stories can appear, but just as quickly disappear. A story’s impact can be drowned out by the constant noise of incoming news from radio, television and online. And add to this what some cite as the “toxic rivalry” between News Corp Australia and Fairfax Media: the print duopoly accounts for around 90% of Australia’s newspapers and often the impact of a rival’s investigation can be limited by the other side simply ignoring it.

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6 thoughts on “Hold the front page: is investigative reporting making a comeback?

  1. AR

    The increasing churnalism to be found in Crikey is not encouraging of any view that investigative journalism is NOT dead.

  2. Gocomsys

    @AR. Agree
    Let us face the sordid facts:

    The OZ media’s ethical failures include crude abuse and incitement to hatred on commercial radio talkback, while among other mainstream media the failure of impartiality, failure of contextual accuracy, and the willingness to exploit rather than challenge debased public discourse.
    The mainstream media’s tacit approval of vulgarity in the public debates has, in turn, magnified crudity in the social media and created an atmosphere in which even lower standards of public debate are tolerated.

    The main stream media by commission or omission does not provide the public with relevant facts. There is no REAL NEWS service available anywhere in Australia. What we are getting is mostly OPINION, gossip, propaganda and spin sprinkled with a few news items.

    NOTE: The weekly poll results reflect the somnambulist befuddled public’s profound ignorance. The media is to blame and should hang their head in shame. In my mind the incestuous Canberra press gallery lot especially is atrocious.

    The question to ask the electorate:
    Have Murdoch and his MSM/LNP/IPA co-conspirators made up your mind how to vote?

  3. klewso

    Tabloidism – partisan op-ed saturation journalism – retards investigative.

  4. Harry Rogers

    I would consider the current Labor government as incredibly incompetent by any measure. I have no assumption that the Liberals will be more competent its just a matter of how much incompetence can you handle.

    It will take the Liberals a couple of years to stuff things up. However when Murdoch patronises us through the media he immediately drives the intelligent voter to the alternate party.

    I’m not so confident that the general populus are intelligent or maybe only when an issue is at their own front door will they “vote”. They prove this daily by TV ratings, or what used to be called sport. Or maybe they are just all buggered and tired from day to day life!

    However my only solution is to hope that an alternative party can make some influence on policy. I find the Greens have some reasonable policies but generally are immature and loopy and seem to have have no life experience people who have learnt that to survive you need some compromise.

  5. Gocomsys

    Hi Harry,
    Disenchanted are you? Embittered? Hate everything and everyone?
    You said:
    “It will take the Liberals a couple of years to stuff things up”.
    Sorry mate, but they have been stuffing it up for a long time now, are doing it right now and will continue doing it in the future!
    Looking forward to PM Abbott I take it? He is having a “stuff-up” virtually every day. Can you imagine someone like him (our poor Berlusconi imitation)on the international stage? A massive disaster! Yuk!
    On the other hand Big Business, Big Mining, Big Media all love him. Why, you ask? He is doing what he is told! That’s why!

  6. Harry Rogers

    Hello Gocomsys,

    What a strange comments you make.

    Personally Im a very satisfied person but considerate of others and the next generation and a total realist unlike the trenchant dogma that festers from bothe sides of politics and some people.

    Very sad that there are so many closed immature minds out there.Very sad state of affairs.

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