Aug 5, 2013

Col Pot’s war on Rudd: how the tabloids turned under Allan

New York Post svengali Col Allan has helped kick off News Corporation Australia's election campaign coverage in typical take-no-prisoners tabloid style.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

Day one of the election campaign and News Corp Australia's million-selling tabloids have flagged their intention to pull out all stops to dispatch the Rudd government to political purgatory through an unprecedented anti-Labor salvo splashed on front pages across the country from now until polling day. With former Daily Tele turned New York Post hatchet man Col Allan screaming from the sidelines, Rupert's mass circulation local titles sank the knife in overnight, with theTele urging readers in a front page editorial to KICK THIS MOB OUT in about 190-point font. It follows an extraordinary run of tabloid interventions, with Saturday's Courier Mail claiming the government's budget "doesn't add up" following on from its Friday splash: "Kev's $733 million bank heist".

On Saturday, the Tele was bemoaning the "Price of Labor", while the Sunday Herald Sun and Queensland Sunday Mail were mocking Rudd's Nauru "Island hell" ...

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32 thoughts on “Col Pot’s war on Rudd: how the tabloids turned under Allan

  1. klewso

    The Trolls have been despatched – with one aim, to “Save Rupert’s Precious”?

  2. klewso

    Is that what he looks like – without Weiner in hand?

  3. tonyfunnywalker

    The Disgraceful behavior of foul mouthed schoolyard bully boys Lachlan Murdoch and James Packer is symptomatic what is wrong with the Media in Australia as it moves to discredit Fairfax and its future viability.
    Rupert Murdoch wants to control everything and this is what it is all about. These headlines are only the beginning and with the comparison of Conroy with the the most despicable dictators the world has ever seen missing of course, Murdoch himself.
    Journalism has a bad enough name anyway and this adds to its woes as it becomes the most reviled profession which is just trying to outdo itself in a sewer of sledging anyone to ensure that Editors keep their
    jobs; for now.
    News Corporation works on infiltration of competitive editorial with Fairfax, The Conversation ( the latest victim and of course the news rooms of the ABC as well as political political commentary programs such as the Insiders. They even bought Alan Koller to do their bidding.
    Of course if Abbott wins the ABC will be privatized and SBS closed down – Abbott hates the ABC and will not appear- he sends Malcolm.
    It was Conroy and Gillard that were the focus of vilification now its Rudd’s turn. News are ” pissed” as they have invested millions in a ” Love Tony ” sycophantic and sickening campaign. The Advertiser is ” humanizing” Bernardi – if such a thing is possible as there is a now genuine concern that Abbott is so unmarketable that he will lose the unloseable election.
    It is now TEAM ABBOTT not Tony anymore – I wonder what the Narcissistic Abbott thinks of that.
    It is interesting that News-Poll is ” spinning ” the survey results and refuse to point out that the small swings they are reporting are not significant and that Abbott trend line is still pointing south.

  4. morphy richards toaster

    This cannot be accepted without a fight. Whichever party wins, it has to be on a level playing field, not this disgusting character assassination, all so Rupert doesn’t have his most precious Aussie asset (Foxtel) destroyed by the NBN.

    Share it, tweet it, tell it to your friends and family – we can’t take this interference in our democracy anymore!

  5. ShitsGottaStop

    I know it’s not new, but this outright bias against the sitting government is atrocious, and should be regulated out of existence.
    Newspapers and their web-fronts all have an ‘Opinion’ section, and this is where the editor gets to have his/her say (or print what his/her boss tells him/her to say). To scream ‘Kick this mob out’ on the front page, like it’s news (what front pages are for), is deplorable. (If Julia Gillard was still PM, would the headline have read ‘Kick this bitch out’??)
    Reporting the news and trying to make the news are two very different things, and the line should be clear.
    Crikey does a far better job of attempting to maintain impartiality than any of the majors.

  6. the duke

    this is no different to the media’s disgusting love fest with ‘Kevin07’. Even though the Coalition probably won’t need much help with the disposal of the incumbent government, having media on your side certainly does help.

  7. SusieQ

    How can anyone, even News Corp, make Bernardi look human?? If the Libs had a decent leader and some proper policies, they wouldn’t need such a leg-up from Rupert.

  8. Ken Dally

    Journalistic integrity and reporting of actual news, not under Col Allan’s watch.

  9. Steven Haby

    The Oz, Daily Terror and the Hun are all attack dogs of the News Ltd ogligarchy and Murdoch snr has send the most odious Col Allen to toughen up the troops and run hard on the government. The population at large would be worn down over the coming weeks with the most negative and relentless shrill coverage in News blats seen for decades. I often wonder if the News blats changed their tune (at all) say in 12 months time when (hypothetically) the country is in receession and the Coalition are floundering with 15% unemployment and rising. Would they change their tune or keep on the tired cliche of ‘blaming the other mob’ … or will the population rise up and say No. You duped us! It is interesting to note that the Hun’s current advertising makes out that they are ‘supporting Victoria’ when in fact they have often run the most negative anti-Victorian campaigns in the past. I wonder if the readers who consume the News drivel actually understand that the modus operandi of these papers is to smash at all costs the working class.

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