Talk about corruption

Crikey readers have their say about the Eddie Obeid verdict, protection for whistleblowers and more money for less Coke.


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7 thoughts on “Talk about corruption

  1. klewso

    As Nicholas Cowdery last night (on Lateline) put it into perspective, Bjelke-Petersen’s systemically corrupt self-serving government permeated much more of the political landscape.

  2. klewso

    While the media happily turned a blind eye to that, as a cost of doing business.

  3. CML

    Good letter Paul Pollard.
    It seems some people have short memories. Very convenient in the lead-up to an election!!
    That doesn’t excuse Crikey for their lack of perspective/research on this issue.

  4. sauron256

    Sorry to be pedantic, I don’t read that statement as comparing the current scandal to the Rum Corps. Just that we haven’t seen corruption from the Rum Corps until now that has been of this scale. Unless you can name a scandal since the Rum Corps that has been worse, his statement is probably factually correct…

  5. klewso

    It was only a National Party stooge on the jury (able to convince one of the others to hold out) that saved Bjelke-Petersen from the pokey, for Shaw.

  6. Matt Hardin

    @sauron. I thought Paul Pollard gave a couple of examples of bigger scandals.

  7. Brendan Jones

    I (and others) responded to Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus’ statements here:

    I had tried to make a submission to the senate inquiry into the new whistleblower laws, but it was refused. The Legal and Constitutional Committee Secretary wrote back: “It is for the committee – not those who provide material to it – to determine relevance and to make decisions about whether material will be accepted. As previously advised, the committee has considered your material and has determined that it is not relevant to its inquiry and will not be accepted. Accordingly, I advise that no further correspondence or discussion will be entered into regarding this matter.”

    I am still waiting for Mr. Dreyfus to respond to a letter of April 4 reporting APS Code of Conduct violations by one of his staff.

    An open letter warning the the high-tech community of Australian Commonwealth government corruption was posted here:

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