Jul 26, 2013

It’s a Bastardathon! Who will be the bastardest!?

Kevin Rudd's senior adviser and former cat, Jasper the zombie, is working on a plan to seize control of the "boat problem."

First Dog On The Moon

Crikey cartoonist

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82 thoughts on “It’s a Bastardathon! Who will be the bastardest!?

  1. paddy

    Excellent work FD.
    Peak derp has reached singularity at last.

    Good to see Jasper’s in the running for eleventy stars.

  2. morphy richards toaster

    People at work wondering why I’m laughing out loud here, thanks again FD! Send them to Antarctica!! 😀

  3. Fascinated

    oh the last frames…the looks on the faces are priceless

  4. ernmalleyscat

    If they’re determined to race to the bottom I’d like to see them race each other to the bottom of the Indian Ocean.
    But unfortunately that race has already been won many times.

  5. drovers cat

    Now we know what that mad Yank officer was talking about re having to destroy the village in order to save it.
    Jasper should of course be a five-star general, or at least boss of the AMC – the Arsehat Mercenary Corps
    A work of art, dog#1.

  6. drmick

    Very clever FD. An intergalactic race to the bottom, without mentioning uranus or anyone else`s.

  7. Aron

    I love how Jasper has returned as a zombie.

  8. Persia

    Blow up Australia – not such a bad idea really, the place has totally gone to the dogs

  9. drovers cat

    Persia, that’s sacrilege in this forum

  10. Kahomabu

    That’s your next Walkley, Dog. And I agree with Aron – welcome ‘back’ Jasper.

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