Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey says he doesn’t trust Treasury — the nation’s non-partisan economic experts — to cost his policies.

Just like the Coalition doesn’t trust the overwhelming consensus that its emissions reduction plan is too expensive and inefficient.

And the scientists who say deeper action is required on climate change.

And the communications experts who say the NBN needs fibre-to-the-home technology.

And the advice from an independent panel of experts on asylum seeker policy.

And the pleas from business that the Coalition’s maternity leave scheme is too expensive.

And all the school principals who like the Gonski funding model.

And the economists who argue that tightening up the rules on fringe benefits tax will prevent rorting.

Tony Abbott says Labor can’t be trusted in office. Which is a fair point. But eventually Abbott will have to start trusting people smarter and more knowledgeable than he is if he’s going to put forward good, rigorous policy for the nation’s future. Like economic policy we can really believe in.

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