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Jul 26, 2013

Crikey says: Abbott has to trust someone

Will America park its drones on our lawn? Our favourite newspaper man is back: Matthew Knott on Col Allan's homecoming. There's new Coalition policy, and it's good: Bernard Keane's analysis. Trouble for two Liberal aspirants: one over legal guilt, the other for stealing shoes. Plus Stephen Mayne on James Packer v Macquarie.

Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey says he doesn't trust Treasury -- the nation's non-partisan economic experts -- to cost his policies. Just like the Coalition doesn't trust the overwhelming consensus that its emissions reduction plan is too expensive and inefficient. And the scientists who say deeper action is required on climate change. And the communications experts who say the NBN needs fibre-to-the-home technology. And the advice from an independent panel of experts on asylum seeker policy. And the pleas from business that the Coalition's maternity leave scheme is too expensive. And all the school principals who like the Gonski funding model. And the economists who argue that tightening up the rules on fringe benefits tax will prevent rorting. Tony Abbott says Labor can't be trusted in office. Which is a fair point. But eventually Abbott will have to start trusting people smarter and more knowledgeable than he is if he's going to put forward good, rigorous policy for the nation's future. Like economic policy we can really believe in.

Crikey Calling is independent media for independent minds -- in handy podcast form! Join the Crikey crew -- including Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane, the country's sharpest political commentator -- for a lively (if somewhat wonky) look behind the scenes of politics and power in Australia. Kevin Rudd shipped them to Papua New Guinea, now Tony Abbott is calling in the military. They'll stop the boats, but will it bring the votes? And all the election date speculation you need -- stream it or download here.

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10 thoughts on “Crikey says: Abbott has to trust someone

  1. klewso

    This is the bloke who went on The 7:30 Report to tell us not to trust whatever he said – then said “only trust what he writes”?
    Which means we can’t trust him on anything he says or writes.

  2. granorlewis

    What a piece of clap-trap!! For every one of the eight points you raise, implying support from so-called “experts,” there are a heap of other experts who support what the coalition is saying. And now let’s see you rip apart some Rudd policies, where there are plenty of “experts” who would say his policies are crap too. Balance will be good in the weeks ahead – not just biased criticism.

  3. Mark from Melbourne

    Heap of other experts…sure.

  4. granorlewis

    Oh yes MfM – heaps. You should open your eyes, your ears – and yes, your mind.

  5. zut alors

    This is the same bloke who won’t appear on Lateline or Q&A because he doesn’t trust himself to speak.

  6. Iskandar

    “….eventually Abbott will have to start trusting people smarter and more knowledgeable than he is….”

    Indeed. To date there has not been a scrap of anything smart or knowledgeable in anything that Abbott says. Strange for someone who is supposed to be a “Rhodes scholar”. Perhaps he only studied boxing.

  7. AR

    Abbott will have to start trusting people smarter and more knowledgeable than he is..” – that would be a fairly gianormous field, like anyone more evolved than a single celled amoeba, or a failed priest.

  8. klewso

    I know they all “lie for a living”, but did you hear the one about Worm-Tongue standing in front of one of those “Town Hall stunts” last Thursday night, and telling everyone (in answer to a question about politicians and their ethics) that (re Rudd and Gillard, and Labor politicians in general, since they’re the only ones that could become Labor leaders?) “I don’t accuse them of bad faith”?
    Having been seen riding on the coat-tails of “Real Julia”; a “broken C-tax promise” (against Howard’s blizzard of non-cores?); using parliament to accuse Garrett of industrial manslaughter, and whatever he’s slagging Rudd off over, for the cameras, on any given day, for starters?
    What sort of aggregated fool does this “floating stool” take the electorate for? How can he trust anyone?
    If it is all “just an act”, to what end, if not a race to see who can get to the bottom first?

  9. Malcolm Street

    Nice summary – they’re going down the same road as the US Republicans where reality is whatever they say it is.

  10. klewso

    Almost forgot.
    There was his roll (like a mongrel dog) in “Ditch the Bitch”?

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