Jul 23, 2013

Rudd’s caucus debacle in Balmain’s ALP theme park

Feral protesters, horrendous traffic and the riot police: whose stupid idea was it to have the Labor caucus meeting in Balmain of all places? Crikey's Sydney correspondent jostled with the press pack.

Margot Saville — <em>Crikey</em> Sydney reporter

Margot Saville

Crikey Sydney reporter

Kevin Rudd came to Balmain yesterday, and quite frankly it was a debacle. Note to the ALP: next time you organise a stunt involving 100 politicians, 60 police, one fully armed riot squad, several groups of feral protesters and 4000 TV cameras, could you not do it in a suburb with one main road? At 8.30am, just before school starts? Did anyone think that through?


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12 thoughts on “Rudd’s caucus debacle in Balmain’s ALP theme park

  1. drmick

    Did they serve whine? Sounds like sour whine to me & lots of it.

  2. klewso

    I prefer to let my hair down in the “Faceless Men Dungeon”.

  3. Philip Amos

    Thanks for that archetypal Sydney analysis of the caucus meeting – ‘disaster’ meaning anything that creates traffic.

    True, traffic is to Sydney what asylum seekers are to the Liberal Party: cause for panic followed by anger and deep desire for vengeance. But, perhaps you could have analysed the day through a more relevant prism than the effect of a few Com cars clogging our streets?

    On that note, you should also probably have mentioned that the electoral analysis you offer is for the seat of Sydney – which takes in a lot more geography than just Balmain. The state seat is a more relevant indicator of local political preference – last election a virtual dead heat between the ALP / Lib / Greens. Same at Leichhardt Council level – 4 councillors from each party.

  4. Michael

    Lots of Comcars for a party function? Did they pay FBT?

  5. Russell

    I was puzzled by the choice of Balmain too, until I walked past (actually by accident) around 8.45am. I noticed the grey-haired activists starting to assemble and the Greens Party veterans scurrying along Darling St, all grim-faced and severe. Along with the Socialist Alliance, they played their part brilliantly, doing exactly what the ALP strategists wanted.

    The only place better than Balmain for this sort of TV footage would have been Albo’s electorate of Marrickville. But there, most of the protesters would have been at work. Balmain, it was priceless… Well done.

  6. TheFamousEccles

    After reading the first paragraph of this piece I thought to myself “Oh christ, another whinge from Sydney,” though I waded through it anyway. Pure, meaningless drivel. Someone was put out for a few minutes and got stuck in a traffic jam of Q7’s and Disco4’s taking Henry or Tamsin to the kiss-and-drop? Utter political disaster!

    C’mon Crikey – my subs are due soon, and if this is the deepest analysis of Labor and KRudd’s machinations in the lead up to the Federal election, then I am at a cross-roads.

  7. @chrispydog

    Laugh? I nearly shat…

    Thanks Margot, a lovely vignette of the Roadshow Rudd.

  8. @chrispydog

    Russell: Brer Rabbit came to mind when I saw the footage.

    Let the outrage hang out!

  9. Simon Mansfield

    Put a freeway through the place. Sydney needs another harbour crossing west of the bridge. Basket weavers unite.

  10. AR

    Frank Crean’s epigram in action “Once the cream of the working class, Labor has become the scum of the middle class”. Wannabes who never were.

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