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Jul 18, 2013




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25 thoughts on “Long live the Royal Monster

  1. Andybob

    They’re some relatives of the GG right ?

  2. zut alors

    As long as the heir doesn’t turn out like US royalty ie: Justin Bieber or Paris Hilton.

  3. theloadeddog

    There could be gay monsters? Someone call Cory Bernardi.

  4. drovers cat

    Lovely interpretation, dog#1 and a good rofl.
    The heir of the Dog?

  5. paddy

    ROTFL I was doing so well.
    Keeping it all together… Until I got to drovers cat.
    Keyboard awash!

  6. rhwombat

    “Brendan, this is Edward…oh, have you met?

  7. Venise Alstergren

    Don’t worry, Buck House has neat ways of hiding their misfits, including right royal bastards/bitches.

  8. ernmalleyscat

    King Gigantor has no clothes!

  9. Venise Alstergren

    BTW, it might be a case of the heir and the spare.

  10. drmick

    Geez FD How come they never talk about cutbacks in these public servants? Another pommie bludging freeloader; he could even become the leader of the policy free, invisible, “party for hire”, like the pommie ba$tard that is running it now.

  11. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Frame #1, Gigantor has some initials tattooed on the tip of his tentacle? What’s that about?

  12. cyberfysh

    Charlie, I think it’s “MM” for Monster Monarch.

  13. Recalcitrant.Rick

    Careful drmick, some of us on here are ex-pommy bastards AND we love Barnesy and Julia!

  14. klewso

    I can’t wait for them to go through the motions with baby Prince Jaydon’s first royal poo.

  15. klewso

    … They could auction it?

  16. Plonkoclock

    Jaydon?? Jaxx’n surely!Or for a girl, Belle Root Onion-flower for the cricket team…

  17. klewso

    Girl? What’s wrong with “Princess Camilla Tow”?

  18. klewso

    …sorry “Two”.

  19. drmick

    A walking talking living dole.

  20. BSA Bob

    Pretty farking funny.

  21. Sandshoe

    prolly youse doggonauts we get first viewing if we get in back way through kitchen prolly have to go round to security dog kennels they won’t be prepared if it’s a Gigantor like First Dog aka Andrew M reckons he’d know getting Press Releases and running round bases of ladders in-between yapping himself silly trying to get on television just sometimes more than the Gigantor hold on so far he’s ahead as long as the Gigantor doesn’t catch on prolly but idea’s clever.

  22. Hominoid

    “My tentacle anguish” ROFL. Mind you, at 15 euros, that issue of No Idea would be almost worth it?

  23. Sandshoe

    Hominid: ROFL at what you said. “No Idea”. Ha ha ha ha.

  24. Sandshoe

    So sorry, Hominoid (typo.


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