Jul 16, 2013

There are fairies at the bottom of the free market garden!

Australians are nothing if not enterprising and this sounds like a business opportunity. Welcome to the Invisible Market!

First Dog On The Moon

Crikey cartoonist


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24 thoughts on “There are fairies at the bottom of the free market garden!

  1. Stevo the Working Twistie

    You omitted “Coalition Policies” from your list of invisible commodities. Apart from that, 10/10.

  2. paddy

    I actually believe that human decency is in plentiful supply.
    Unfortunately, various “people who should know better”, have declared themselves “legally blind”.

  3. Mike Jones

    Humour is invisible and laughter would be too, except that it manifested itself by our carpenter doing the tea fountain out of his nostrils when I made the mistake of reading your toon out loud, our dear national treasure doggy.

    Whatever happened to the beverage alert a the start of the cartoon ?

  4. klewso

    He makes it all sound like religion and God – so what’s he got against this one?

  5. klewso

    [It might have sounded funnier when one of his writers marked and texta’d it?]

  6. ernmalleyscat

    OMG moss piglets! I never knew of these creatures before. Thank you FD for the tip.
    Everyone look up ‘moss piglets’ or ‘tardigrades’ or ‘little water bears’.

  7. Andybob

    Learned a lot from ‘Point of View’
    Won’t say what he wants to do
    If he gets in charge of you and me.
    Nowhere man, please listen ….

  8. rhwombat

    FD: thanks for the Tardigrades – as emc (and, more egregiously, my daughter) says OMG! I would point out that they are the only things in your list that are actually visible to the naked eye – so the feral Rabbott’s lycra clad orbits would miss them (along with any other human emotion).

  9. Steve Gardner

    Let’s be fair to Tony: he can’t see anything with that bucket on his head.

  10. First Dog On The Moon


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