It’s never too late. Good to see a variation on the leadership change story this morning. From the op-ed page of The Australian:

Now wouldn’t that make it a truly spectacular election campaign? Malcolm Turnbull replaces Tony Abbott on the day the election is called!

A word of warning to Rudd: remember 1983. It is never too late to change leaders. Go sooner rather than later.

Nearing the half century. All the signs are point to more than 50 political parties contesting this election. The Australian Electoral Commission website lists 47 approved this morning, with another nine on the waiting list for final approval. It will surely make the Senate voting papers things to behold, and the election of the final senator in each state will be a wonderful lottery.

Call me old-fashioned. In all my 50 years covering politics I don’t think I have ever addressed party leaders or ministers in public by anything other than their title, as “sir” or with a “Mr” or “Mrs” in front of their surnames. I was taught that familiarity and pretended friendship did not fit with the need for a journalist to at least make some pretence of neutrality.

Things have certainly changed. On Q&A this week is was Anthony this and Malcolm that as if Tony Jones really believes that he was another insider. And on Darwin’s Mix 104.9 yesterday it was just downright familiarity between host Pete Davies and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, as noted in the Oz‘s Cut and Paste:

Obama’s judgement in question. Republicans have been gifted a new weapon to use in their battles against Barack Obama. The President has publicly declared that broccoli is his favourite food.

 News and views noted along the way.

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