Another night where an early bed was an option -- except for the joy of watching Wonders of Life on ABC1 at 8.30 pm (850,000 national/ 589,000 metro/ 261,000 regional viewers). Highly intelligent, entertaining viewing. I now know why I can't see some mornings. After a late night my eyes resemble those of a mantis shrimp! The Tour de France on SBS ONE was far too late, so it was the morning highlights on SBS this morning and then again tonight at 6pm.

Tonight has better offerings for viewers tonight -- well, those AFL fans of the Collywobbles and the Blues, or those NRL fans of the The Storm or the Broncos (a sort of intra-Queensland State of Origin warm-up game). Of course there's the Tour de France tonight and tomorrow night and Sunday night -- and the weekend brings the high passes of the Pyrenees. Great! Earlier tomorrow night we get the final great colonial battle of 2013 between the Wobblies and those chaps from the British Lions. Rugger up, chaps and ruck and maul! No rain and a dry pitch. And of course, there's Wimbledon tennis tomorrow night (women's final) and Sunday night (men's final after the semis tonight). Here's hoping it's a 2-zip weekend for the for our former colonial masters -- a loss in the thugby and a loss if Andy Murray makes the men's final.