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Jul 3, 2013

As ye sow shalt thou reap the vegetables of intolerance

Ed Husic took his oath of office this week with his hand on the Koran, and stupid racist vegetables weren't happy about it.

First Dog On The Moon

Crikey cartoonist


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49 thoughts on “As ye sow shalt thou reap the vegetables of intolerance

  1. zut alors

    That carrot looks raw in more ways than the obvious. Excessive raw carrot causes a pain in the gut.

  2. Persia

    FD, you have nailed it.

    We need people in Govt who can show leadership & educate people about tolerance.

    We needed them at the time of Tampa and we need them even more now.

  3. paddy

    That carrot needs a haircut.
    But I’m *awfully* glad to see it’s had a shave.
    Just the thought of creeping sharia vegetables keeps me awake at night.

  4. drmick

    FD I never listen to what vegetables, especially carrots, have to say. It took a long time for me to find out that what they say ain’t nessa celery sew.

  5. Venise Alstergren

    Utterly correct, FDOTM, especially frame four.

    These sort of people might be depicted as Leeks, still have some snap, best cooked and living in rows. Almost impossible to educate out of intolerance because they love thinking these dreadful thoughts.

    Leeks, piss off!

  6. drovers cat

    … and I thought carrots helped you see better

    Love the Daily Rupert screamer in frame 5

  7. ianjohnno

    Let’s hope theses intolerant people are only in their salad days.

  8. Mike Jones

    Edham’s a kind of soft cheese. Isn’t it ?

  9. klewso

    At least this carrot isn’t moron deficient.

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