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Jul 3, 2013

As ye sow shalt thou reap the vegetables of intolerance

Ed Husic took his oath of office this week with his hand on the Koran, and stupid racist vegetables weren't happy about it.




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49 thoughts on “As ye sow shalt thou reap the vegetables of intolerance

  1. zut alors

    That carrot looks raw in more ways than the obvious. Excessive raw carrot causes a pain in the gut.

  2. Persia

    FD, you have nailed it.

    We need people in Govt who can show leadership & educate people about tolerance.

    We needed them at the time of Tampa and we need them even more now.

  3. paddy

    That carrot needs a haircut.
    But I’m *awfully* glad to see it’s had a shave.
    Just the thought of creeping sharia vegetables keeps me awake at night.

  4. drmick

    FD I never listen to what vegetables, especially carrots, have to say. It took a long time for me to find out that what they say ain’t nessa celery sew.

  5. Venise Alstergren

    Utterly correct, FDOTM, especially frame four.

    These sort of people might be depicted as Leeks, still have some snap, best cooked and living in rows. Almost impossible to educate out of intolerance because they love thinking these dreadful thoughts.

    Leeks, piss off!

  6. drovers cat

    … and I thought carrots helped you see better

    Love the Daily Rupert screamer in frame 5

  7. ianjohnno

    Let’s hope theses intolerant people are only in their salad days.

  8. Mike Jones

    Edham’s a kind of soft cheese. Isn’t it ?

  9. klewso

    At least this carrot isn’t moron deficient.

  10. klewso

    …. sorry …. boron…..

  11. zut alors

    That carrot grates.

  12. Mike Smith

    I see you’ve all had thyme to beet me to the truly awful puns.

  13. klewso

    He’s a Dutch carrot isn’t he – why isn’t he purple? Not enough CO2?

  14. ernmalleyscat

    I hope everyone realises this bloke is a front for a far worse scourge.
    Wake up sheeple! His name is anagram of ‘Herr Mini Daschund’!!!

  15. klewso

    Onion gravy boats?
    It’s nice to see they can turn the papers around?

    [That’s not Julienne L’orange?]

  16. klewso

    I know another veg that’s psychic too – Arty Choak he reads taro cards.

  17. Venise Alstergren

    To Leek, or not to leak: that is the soupçon.

  18. Pusscat

    FD, you’d better brace yourself for a hurricane of social media blowback over this one, from root vegetables generally, and especially from the white ones.
    Most of all, First Dog, beware of outraged parsnips — they can be really, really mean on Facebook, someone told me.

  19. Venise Alstergren

    Let us eat lettuce today said those little rapscallions.

    “Badderlocks!” Replied the carrot. “It’s all mash to me.”

  20. Venise Alstergren

    Moderator: Badderlock is a type of sea vegetable…So get over it.

  21. zut alors

    Pusscat is right, Facebook is famous for vegetables and I hear they’ve already bean sprouting off.

  22. Peter

    Yeah, religio-racism-intolerance is bad, no doubt.

    On the other hand, I still have a problem with the warm and fuzzy nice people choosing to believe in the Islamic teapot in the sky insisting that animals they eat be killed with a knife slashed through their throat. I know there’s other Middle Eastern Teapot followers (ahem) doing the same, but I guess that’d be off topic.

    Do you struggle with that? I don’t think I want to condone it as ‘cultural enrichment’ in the name of being nice to the religious.

  23. Mike Smith

    A knife through the neck vs a stun-bolt to the head followed by a knife through the neck… Meat your maker!

  24. rhwombat

    Peter: I think you have a wood for trees problem. I’m fairly sure Ed Husic rarely slaughters animals (bar the odd rabbott, poodle & assorted Bishops)…though he may be great at grating grating carrots.

  25. klewso

    A little knowledge ….?

  26. Bruce Campbell

    I want to see the day where swearing on any bronze age or medieval religious text is laughed at and parodied.

    Now, on the other topic, some are expecting to be taught by the government & media on what is right & wrong. That is more the totalitarian model of government. In a democracy, we elect those who *represent us*, not those who teach us how to think. If we want our leaders to be more enlightened, we have to vote more enlightened people in. As the quote goes ‘You elect the government you deserve’.

  27. shepherdmarilyn

    Why did it need a jewish liberal party member to defend Ed though while everyone else was silent.

  28. klewso

    Vote on what we “know” – according to the evidence presented – or not?

  29. Josi V

    Peter @ 23. The cutting of the lamb is symbolic – just as the wine and bread is for Christians.
    FD – ‘Mussos’ as a label is as effective as ‘Christian’ is for covering the different groups such as Quakers, EB, Catholics and C of E.
    Bruce Campbell. You forgot to add that children take on the emotional. Social and political beliefs of the parents (in the majority of cases).

  30. Sharkie

    I think I’ve seen that carrot posting on the white pride hate site stormfront. Those boneheads love a handful of rupert’s opinion writers.
    I’m still not sure where the “line that can’t be crossed” re racism is for News Limited? Apparently punters can’t write offensive Facebook posts on Husic’s page, but rupert’s hacks can be celebrated by the knuckle draggers.

  31. drmick

    So the carrot has learned that racism will make him sick will and it will make Husic as well. Sorting out which is the bigger problem, racism or a pathological lack of humanity, will assist in arriving at a resolution that will be the lesser of two weevils.

  32. Andybob

    Facebook comments are news now ? Wait till editors discover Youtube comments. Or bathroom walls.

  33. Rais

    It’s a bit off the topic of the cartoon but just for the record: all halal slaughtered beef, sheep and chooks in Australia are stunned first. The main physical difference is that the halal slaughtered animal must not have been killed by the stun. A benefit of this is that with the heart still beating the meat is better drained of blood.

  34. wbddrss

    love the colourful story on swearing & affirmations.
    However, I am odd one out. I do not see comments on swearing on bible/Koran as racist. No colour coding here. Just different religious world views.


  35. Pusscat

    Well noted, Andybob.
    I for one have certainly learnt less about vegetable psychology from studying all the botanical textbooks, and so much more about it from some of the more off-the-cuff writings I’ve encountered in the course of my longterm enrolment in the University of Hard Bathroom Walls.

  36. Venise Alstergren

    For religious fundamentalists to insist on a three to five thousand year old form of butchery is bad enough. For the Australian government to have let our jobs go-once we could kill our own meat-to the extent we have to export live animals is grotesque. Worse, by selling these wretched animals to be butchered in primeval circumstances, in the name of religion is utterly amoral.

    As for the fuss over Ed Husic swearing on the Qu’ran it reflects dreadfully on the Oz people. People who believe a religious book carries greater authenticity that their own word are selling themselves short.

  37. schaffer bill

    The carrot seems to have contracted a bad case of creeping Scalia in the fifth frame, an exotic infection that causes members of the US Supreme court to utter incomprehensible epithets in response to social change. Ewww!

  38. Mike Jones

    Andybob – there’s a web site called something like the worst of perth which has turned bathroom wall photography – and lots of other eyesores into an art form. They have millions of views – people don’t seem to be able to get enough awful cr*p to look at.

    As a common sewer of twarlet humoir, – when the Hadron thing was in its apogeewhizz – I found their high speed pen1s collider graffiti amusing.

  39. Venise Alstergren

    WBDDRSS: It’s the people complaining about Ed Husic swearing in, on the Qu’ran, who are the racists.

  40. Hamis Hill

    All those politicians of a certain religious persuation swearing an oath of loyalty on a JamesI “proddy” Bible?
    Was that the same as crossing their fingers behind their backs?
    “Islamists” and “Romanists”.
    No wonder the drongos are paranoid!

  41. Hamish Moffatt

    The Daily Rupert. Gold.

  42. Mike Smith

    @Venise: swearing on, or swearing at? What do atheists swear on?

  43. Venise Alstergren

    @MIKE SMITH: If I give my word it will be so. Whereas swearing in the name of some hypothetical god would make me a liar from the get go. “To thine own self be true, and all that jazz…..(sorry Will Shakespeare)”

    Cheers V

  44. Tobias Zhivago

    FD maybe for the next one you could do a Bob Carr(ot).

  45. wbddrss

    look what bobcarr(ot) supports.


    hope some day Australia gets a much more restrictive immigration policy which filters out these type of peoples.

  46. Mike Smith

    @Venise: I’m curious about what they ask you to swear on at a court or similar if I’m an atheist (which I am).

  47. Venise Alstergren

    MIKE SMITH: At the recent swearing-in the non-religionists (not including Ed Husic) took an oath of Affirmation. I’m not a hundred percent sure but I believe the same thing applies in a law court. Cheers V

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