Jun 17, 2013

‘Human booby trap’ Grace Collier obsessed with PM cleavage

Radio National on a Sunday morning is not where you would normally expect a debate over the Prime Minister's cleavage. But commentator Grace Collier kicked off a panel discussion with it yesterday morning.

Bob Gosford — Editor of The Northern Myth

Bob Gosford

Editor of The Northern Myth

Radio National on a Sunday morning is not where you would normally expect a debate over the Prime Minister’s cleavage.

But yesterday industrial relations consultant and media commentator Grace “how dare you call me right-wing” Collier was a guest on the Outsiders segment of Radio National’s Sunday Extra, hosted by Jonathan Green, along with Crikey’s Bernard Keane and sociologist and social commentator Eva Cox.

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27 thoughts on “‘Human booby trap’ Grace Collier obsessed with PM cleavage

  1. Buddy

    OMG i cannot beleive this is still going on………… She has breasts .. This is just sexist and disgusting Ms Collier.. The fact that you dont see how else the Prime Minister hsa been targeted for her gender speaks volumes about you..

  2. Allison

    For the love of sweet baby Jesus, why is Grace Collier getting any airtime?

  3. Irfan Yusuf

    Excuse me, Eva Cox, but like many South Asian men, I have quite ample boobs!!

  4. puddleduck

    Was she the only idiot available on a Sunday morning with anything to say from ‘the right’? I can’t see what other reason explains her presence on our national broadcaster.

    I’m reminded of Andrew Bolt’s decision to become a right wing warrior, because the field was open? Seems to me any twerp with a voice and the ability to type can be a commentator from the right wing now, because the ABC is obsessed with ‘balance’. Which means that we have to put up with inanity, to the point of untruths sometimes. Next they will be saying the world is flat. Because that’s balance, right?

  5. ralph

    This is the same Grace Collier who writing in the Financial Review at the height of the beat-up about Gillard’s role as a solicitor for the AMWU said that some damning evidence would soon be produced that would make Gillard’s position untenable. We are still waiting for it! I think given the “evidence” hasn’t been produced we can only conclude that comment was only designed to smear.

  6. Vincent O'Donnell

    I’m almost surprised some one got a clean transcript off that program. Keane, Collier and Cox spent most of their time talking over one another. Good radio it was not; and one could hear the frustration in Jonathan Green’s voice.

  7. mikeb

    Collier has a point but I think it better left unsaid as JG usually dresses with impecable modesty and Collier harps on it like it happens all the time. I think the offending photo just highlighted a bit of unfortunate posture and camera angle. It’s not as if the girls are out all the time and being flaunted. Abbott copped a fair bit with the speedos & has since not worn them in public. I reckon JG just didn’t envisage a possible problem when looking in the mirror that morning.

  8. John64

    We started last week with Vag-in-a-Box and have ended it with BoobGate.

    And I realised that until today, I have never actually noticed Gillard’s cleavage. But due to the image in this article, I have now spent many minutes both looking at it and pondering about it.

    Thanks Crikey!

    Of course, I can’t seem to quite remember this kind of outrage and flurry of articles when there was criticism of Abbott’s Speedos. Didn’t he ritualistically burn them in the end? Perhaps Gillard, to put an end to it all, needs to burn something too…

    Possibly Rudd.

  9. klewso

    Quack quack – so how does Collier define “the Right” – of which she reckons she isn’t?

  10. Venise Alstergren

    Jesus, what a vapid female. Is she some sort of fundamentalist religionist? Come on Collier, your jealousy is showing. Julia Gillard is the quintessence of respectability. And she dresses accordingly.

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