Jun 14, 2013

Liberal links to anti-wind farm fight multiply

Jeanette Newman, the wife of Tony Abbott's business tsar, is involved in organising a rally against wind farms in NSW.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

wind farm

A leaked email has revealed the deep involvement of the wife of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s business tsar, Maurice Newman, and a blue-chip corporate consulting firm in a “Convoy of No Confidence”-aping anti-wind farm rally set down for Parliament House on Tuesday.


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18 thoughts on “Liberal links to anti-wind farm fight multiply

  1. drmick

    Alan Quixote & the Convoy of Flatulence. Bring it on. Can’t wait to see the “Trouble at Mill” signs.

  2. Microseris

    “… will be shamelessly used against us to undermine our credibility.” Jeanette Newman is doing a pretty good job of that herself.

    How is it the landscape guardians revile wind where there is no evidence of harm, but have no problem with coal where the negative health effects are well documented or the farmers based lock the gate movement against coal seam gas?

    Because they are an astroturf organisation with close links to the IPA (funded by fossil fuel) & Liberal party.

  3. heavylambs

    Uber-NIMBYS graze in Range-Rovers all over the Crookwell region….now they are stampeding.

  4. Damien McBain

    “He is a climate change sceptic…”. Burn the heretic at the stake with all the others who don’t have the faith!

  5. Pedantic, Balwyn

    Tell them all to come and live in Victoria. Our Govt has made sure that no wind farms are built down here. We just love our coal burning power stations so much that we remove any alternative for clean renewable energy. Welcome Luddites!

  6. Margaret Ludowyk

    Greedy self interest at work again for the Libs

  7. z craig

    The ability to ‘shine a light’ on the background workings and affiliations of groups which attack reasonably evidence based views, that the earth is going through risky (somewhat dangerous) global warming, is one of the key tools in addressing risky responses from people with vested interests in stopping climate change mitigation. Repeatedly exposing people who just wish to stop their investments from eroding when their polluting assets become stranded assets (or are penalised) is smart, allows views to be tested, and stops what looks like a typical ‘tobacco industry’ type response to climate change.

  8. Liamj

    How fitting that we mutely follow the Tory twits to our doom. Gallipoli was no accident, its our destiny.

  9. deano hall

    ApocLibs Now : ” We love the smell of oil-coal in the morning!” Would love to see Tony in a triathalon around a powerstation.He would have to buy a BLACK swim-cap & wear an AS2014 standards face mask!

  10. robert biggs

    As a long long term active “greenie” I am seriously fucked as to how ANYBODY can think that industrialising the landscape equates to the values of being an environmentalist. New ceramics, non corrosive, off the coast where the wind blows unimpeded – please

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