Jun 12, 2013

Should cyclists be registered?

Following public outrage over the court’s decision last month on

Alan Davies — Editor of The Urbanist

Alan Davies

Editor of The Urbanist

Following public outrage over the court’s decision last month on the death of cyclist Richard Pollett, the Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee of the Queensland Parliament agreed last Friday to inquire into a number of possibilities that might “improve the interaction of cyclists with other road users”.

The committee is looking at a range of potential policy responses, including the one-metre overtaking rule advocated by a number of cycling organisations. However, its terms of reference also require it to examine “the potential benefits and impacts of bicycle registration”.

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5 thoughts on “Should cyclists be registered?

  1. mikeb

    I think registration is a good thing but make it free and only applicable to say – 17yo or over. I’d dare suggest that a great majority of cyclists are also car owners and so contribute to maintenance of the roads. In my case I have a car and a motor bike plus 2 registered trailers – all of which cost big $ for rego & insurance. When I ride my push bike I make no demands on the road and take up little space. If I have an accident then its either my problem and/or a motor accident insurance claim.

  2. Keith Thomas

    I make far more urban trips by bike than by car. And I don’t have strong feelings either way on registration for a fee of more than a nominal amount ($50 a year might cover administration), though I think it would turn out to be more trouble than it was worth. However, I can’t imagine a motorist thinking, in the thick of the rush hour traffic “there’s another cyclist, paying her way just like me, I’ll certainly give her the respect and space she deserves.”

  3. Em_E

    Yes if they hog the road 4 abreast(can I use this word or is it sexist?) in peak hour.
    Or cycling through red lights…pulling in front of trucks…
    From my observation most cyclist are responsible road users.
    There’s been a lot of funding for bikeways – use them. Rego won’t change attitudes – it’ll make the existing inconsiderate cyclists worse.

  4. Yclept

    I see a lot of pedestrians doing irresponsible things and walking on roads. Maybe we should make everyone wear a license plate around their neck (front and back) on a lanyard, or a big tattoo on their foreheads and it could cost a lot more if they want special colours or other personalisation…

  5. Em_E

    ..sounds like a plan

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