TasmaniaBilyk, CRightGillard
TasmaniaBrown, CLeftRudd
TasmaniaPolley, HSDA RightGillard
TasmaniaSingh, LLeftGillard
TasmaniaThorpe, LLeftRudd
TasmaniaUrquhart, ALeftRudd
VictoriaCarr, KSocialist LeftRudd
VictoriaCollins, JSDA (LU)Gillard
VictoriaConroy, SLabor UnityGillard
VictoriaFeeney, D*SDA (satellite)Gillard
VictoriaMarshall, GSocialist LeftRudd
WABishop, M*Right (SDA)Rudd
Bullock, JRight (SDA)n/a
WAEvans, C*Soft LeftGillard
Lines, SSoft Leftn/a
WAPratt, LHard LeftGillard
WASterle, GRightGillard
ACTLundy, KLeftGillard
NSWCameron, DHard LeftRudd
NSWCarr, BRightRudd
NSWFaulkner, JLeftRudd
NSWStephens, URightRudd
NSWThistlethwaite, MRightRudd
NTCrossin, T*LeftRudd
Peris, Nn/an/a
QLDFurner, MOld GuardRudd
QLDHogg, J*SDA RightGillard
Ketter, CSDA Rightn/a
QLDLudwig, JAWU RightGillard
QLDMcLucas, JLeftGillard
QLDMoore, CLeftRudd
SAFarrell, DSDA RightGillard
SAGallacher, ARightGillard
SAMcEwen, ALeftGillard**
SAWong, PLeftGillard

*Denotes retiring Senator

** There are strong suggestions that Anne McEwen has shifted to Rudd

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