Time for a salvaging strike. So Labor is being left carrying the can for the public anger at the bipartisan proposal by the major parties to put extra millions into their bank accounts. I can think of only one proper reaction to this treacherous reneging by the Coalition on its agreement. Labor should naturally drop the extra funding part of its proposed changes to the electoral laws but drop the maximum non-disclosable donation level to the $1000 that the Liberals consider unfair and Labor reluctantly agreed to reduce only to $5000 as the price of getting the bipartisan approach.

Talk first, think later. Before being too harsh on Eddie McGuire we should remember that he is a radio talk show host. That breed spend hours every day chattering away, and my own experience in life is that the more I say the more likely I am to come out with something stupid or worse. So I'll cop the grovelling apology as being heartfelt while continuing to hope his team gets the Colliewobbles.