The Tele flays Fitzy. The Daily Telegraph didn’t miss its shot to have a whack at one of its chief rival’s highest-profile columnists today. The Tele splashes on page three with a story on Sydney Morning Herald columnist Peter FitzSimons’ appearance at a charity gala earlier this month. Fitzy, who was reportedly paid $8000 to host the event, was accused of acting appallingly after drinking red wine — including eating food off other guests’ plates. Although the CEO of Childhood Cancer Support says the prolific author won’t be invited back, FitzSimons denies being drunk on the night and told The Tele he couldn’t recall eating anyone else’s food.

The ship has sailed. Via a Crikey reader, one of those unfortunate ad placements on Adelaide Now yesterday …

Video of the day. This is what happens when five TV networks turn to fuzz almost at once. Brisbane stations turned off their analog signals at 9am yesterday as part of the nationwide digital transition. Channel Seven ended its telecast with the same test pattern put to air when the station launched in 1959 …

Front page of the day. Everyone’s favourite rag, the NT News, today reports on a compensation bid by John Green, who was attacked by a crocodile then accidentally shot by a colleague in 2008. According to the story, Green claims he had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder “brought on by seeing croc attacks in the media”. Wonder which media outlet he could be talking about …

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