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May 24, 2013

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21 thoughts on “You couldn’t make it up

  1. rhwombat

    “It’s a long way to the shop, if you want a sausage roll” And EEOOOWWW go the pipes (and the ghost of KRC).

  2. paddy

    Sorry FD. But this time….you’ve gone too far!
    Make the bed *EVERY* morning?
    Stuff and nonsense!

  3. drovers cat

    You’re good at making ‘toons, dog#1.
    We need a cartoon-led recovery.

  4. Andybob

    But don’t forget folks
    That’s what you get folks
    For makin’ whoopee

  5. drmick

    It would be nice for Australia to make good humans again; but that is never going to happen. There is not one issue in this country that unites us & the gaps are getting wider.
    “Consumers” are takers. They don’t give anything. People will have to start giving again if we are to have nice humans or a nice Australia again.

  6. ernmalleyscat

    Make like a shepherd and get the flock outa here. Just like Ford.

  7. jonnowarren

    I want the make love panel as a t-shirt!

  8. Andrew L

    You made me go “snork”

  9. Pusscat

    Hey, Dog, Oz consumers ARE making things.
    For example, making Bangladeshi garment workers die.

  10. Jimmy37

    Music, dawg. Make moosic.