May 24, 2013

Cybersecurity awareness week: be aware you’re being lied to

It's cybersecurity awareness week. So you should be aware that you're being lied to about cybercrime, who's behind it, and how your rights and freedoms are under threat.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Did you know it’s national cybersecurity awareness week?

Everyone I’ve told has replied “I wasn’t aware of that”, which suggests we need an awareness week for the awareness week. It’s an annual event in which governments and companies work together to, well, “raise awareness” of cybersecurity. Tips will be offered, threats will be warned about and products will be advertised. China will be mentioned a lot.

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9 thoughts on “Cybersecurity awareness week: be aware you’re being lied to

  1. Thomas McLoughlin

    I think another tone with the same content may be sensible with this kind of tech development.

    Personally I’m not at all surprised, conceptually, that big govt want the capacity to monitor everything. A major premise in the novel 1984 was the science fiction ability to ‘turn the flow of information around’ and make screens two way. That is give Big Brother his window into the home.

    Yes it’s creepy, yes it may lead to the tech version of planting bags of cocaine in the boot of critic’s car, or other corrupt behaviour for those bearing a grudge.

    The mass media reported last week a report of blackmail scam where unsolicited material (the worst kind) was pixt to a mobile phone, with a follow up threat to publicise and smear. This is nasty stuff to be sure.

    As always I revert back to the pre tech mind set of Gandhi, to be open about a non violent agenda for political reform/change/progress/idealism. Indeed nowadays the last thing I want is some paranoid spook to think I am hiding anything, except as required for client confidentiality in my chosen profession. In which case I fully expect my profession to back me up on that confidentiality.

  2. Faizan Ali

    Its true that the Govt and various authorities wants to keep an eye on us (people). Techweek Europe reported that the figures of cyber crime was greatly exaggerated. Maybe this is because that they wanted an excuse to retaliate against all those who have been attacking the US Govt. which also includes the Chinese Govt. (source:
    Im all for retaliating against those who mean to cause us harm but Grinding the citizens to achieve their own personal agenda is just not acceptable.

  3. klewso

    If these parties don’t scare the crap out of you, what are you going to buy from them?
    Like their “protection”?

  4. Matt Hardin

    And all of that with the protection of the Fourth Amendment in place! A Bill of Rights is obviously no protection.

  5. wbddrss

    Great piece of research, really makes the subscription price look cheap. I am better informed.


  6. supermundane

    When cryptographer Bruce Schneier is concerned about the emerging all-seeing, all-knowing corporate and government surveillance panopticon, we should be very afraid:

  7. supermundane

    When cryptographer Bruce Schneier is concerned about the emerging all-seeing, all-knowing corporate and government surveillance panopticon, we should be very afraid:

    www. technology/ 2013/may/16/ internet-of-things-privacy-google

  8. Kevin Tyerman

    In the US, they have cybersecurity awareness month. Everything sure is bigger over there.


  9. Dale Winters

    Knocked up, down and out, but must congratulate Keane on his research and diligence. The future of all this won’t be fulfilled until every single human being is being monitored 24/7 to verify proof of allegiance to a system of world govt, spiritual, financial and political. It’s coming.

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