May 23, 2013

What if Nick Xenophon decides our carbon future?

If Nick Xenophon holds the balance of power in the Senate after the election, climate change policy will get very interesting. Here's one possible scenario -- which sees an ETS return, but in a different form.

Recent Nielsen polling analysis suggests the Coalition might be able to gain control of the Senate in conjunction with two conservative-leaning politicians — John Madigan of the Democratic Labor Party, and the other possibly a member of the Katter Australia Party. If this were to transpire the carbon price would be dead as a dodo.


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4 thoughts on “What if Nick Xenophon decides our carbon future?

  1. Catherine Rossiter

    Tristan’s article presents a sensible ‘third way’ and this alone would excite Tony Blair. What’s more if the Gillard Clean Energy Target is the first way, Abbott and direct action is the second and Xenophon and his modified base line and credit is the third, I would happily rank the third way as the second best option. If number one cannot continue to be politically sustained. Clearly direct action does not have the capability of achieving the reductions required to keep emissions to sensible levels and Joe Hockey’s budget will never have enough money to subsidise the quantum of reductions needed, especially since Campbell Newman is now undoing forest policy in Queensland.

  2. FunkyJ

    Can I just remind everyone that Nick Xenophon had Ann Bressington on his ticket, and this woman believes that children should be drug tested in primary schools, and that fluoride is a government mind control substance.

    So don’t hold too much stock in this man being the saviour of reasoning in a political position.

  3. JStephens

    @Catherine Rossiter good point, I was actually thinking of the example in NSW where the crazy shooters and fishers party (our own little NRA) holds the balance of power in the upper house and want to log national parks and old growth forests. Would an emissions trading scheme rein in the crazies in the state parliaments?

  4. Aidan Stanger

    @FunkyJ, Ann Bressington was on Xenophon’s state ticket, not his federal ticket. Others who have previously been on his state ticket include former used car dealer Bob Moran.
    We don’t yet know who else will be on Mr X’s next ticket, but it’s safe to say it wont be Bressington. And if you’re criticising his judgement for including her on the ticket in the first place, remember that not even the major parties have avoided running candidates who’ve since embarassed them.

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