May 23, 2013

Running shoes leave bloody footprints: inside Asia’s garment trade

Think Bangladesh is the only country with unsafe labour practices? Garment workers are not safe in so-called "clean" south-east Asian countries either, writes Australian Phnom Penh Post journalist Shane Worrell.

Just hours after 15-year-old Kim Dany left for work at a provincial shoe factory in Cambodia last Thursday, her family, surrounded by candles and incense sticks, were crying over her lifeless body as it lay on a wooden table in their home.


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3 thoughts on “Running shoes leave bloody footprints: inside Asia’s garment trade

  1. Pusscat

    Yep, and for sure today there’ll be Geelong Ford workers cursing gloabalization to friends and family on their Apple iPhones.

  2. AR

    When will it dawn on western consumers that the reason asian produced goods are cheaper than domestically produced equivalents is not so much the much lower wages but the total absence of environmental, safety and quality control.
    Ya pays yer money and get no choice, unless feeling utterly altruistic.

  3. Dogs breakfast

    It would be difficult to name a more evil regime than the international clothing/garment clique.

    These shoes, which are made for dollars, are sold for hundreds of dollars in the west.

    A small mark up in the base cost, i.e. western manufacturers paying a fair price, and demanding western style safety standards, would hardly be beyond the scope of these multi-national Beelzeebubs.

    Western consumers are going to have to take up the cause with the union movements to demand these actions, because as the articles states, the national govts and the big brands aren’t going to move unless forced to do so.

    Shame on them.

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