Daily Tele stance against fearmongering. We enjoyed The Daily Telegraph’s editorial on Monday, supporting moves to review the GST and hinting it could be a good idea to increase it. The Tele reckons “discussion on this issue, free of fear-mongering and exaggeration, would be welcome”.

The Tele certainly knows a thing or two about “fearmongering and exaggeration”. Remember all those stories about the devastating impact the carbon tax would have on your family, your business, your ability to buy and use enormous flatscreen TVs — even a roast is out under the carbon tax!

We found plenty of other examples of carbon tax fearmongering on google, but News Limited’s new paywalled archive means we can’t bring them to you.

Death didn’t become her. We’re assured Mohammad Najibullah — a candidate for Tourism Australia’s “best jobs in the world” competition — is alive and well and even quoted in this Fairfax story that doesn’t know the difference between “exiled” and “executed” …

Video of the day. Man — boy we’re a selfish lot. This viral video from December (we only just found it, sorry) is an entertaining three-minute romp on our greatest crimes against the earth …

Front page of the day. Time has responded quickly to the devastating Oklahoma tornado, producing a chilling cover for its June 3 issue …

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