May 22, 2013

Let’s shout hooray for $2 a day!

Tony will be Godking before we know it! The ravening hordes are already lurking at the gate. What will Tony do in his first 100 days?

First Dog On The Moon

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38 thoughts on “Let’s shout hooray for $2 a day!

  1. Lee

    A gem from a national treasure!

  2. &duck

    *Finally*, some policy. Onwards and downwards!

  3. Mike Jones

    Massive understatement.

  4. paddy

    Just as well I consulted a well known bookmaker before logging on today FD.
    Odds of SOCKS being mentioned in today’s FDOTM cartoon….100/1 ON!
    Crikey subscription cross promotion WIN!

    P.S. Today’s toon rating….LEGEND!
    (I’d stick it on the fridge. But then I’d want to kill myself every time I needed a snack.)

  5. Hominoid

    Ah,FD. A case not of Art Imitating Life, but of Art Predicting Life. Almost, cause you failed to include the certainty that, under his enormous throbbing mandate, you yourself will be prohibited. I fear for your safety during the rule of the godking – best you flee to a secret kennel on Sept 13.

  6. Andybob

    And after the first 100 days, only 1,360 to go. Oh f___.

  7. drmick

    He must have a truckload of 44 gallon drums under the house by now.
    All those fawning sycophants & big nobs nudge nudge wink winking wanting to rub him for luck as he dry humps a photo of John Howards leg.

    I wonder what his penance will be for from Cardinal Pull all the porkies hes told? I misheard my last penance, and had 3 bloody Marys and a tour of the Cross.

  8. Sandshoe

    I cannot help but wonder about PM Aboott’s enormous throbbing mandate if he will appropriately pull it off. Good luck to yer mate.

  9. Holden Back

    If his mandate is enormous and throbbing, sounds like he needs some Preparation H.

  10. Chris Johnson

    Hurry Bronnie, they went that way! The Bishop girls in full-body spandex and Tony Abbott’s throbbing mandate is enough to turn you off democracy.

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