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May 22, 2013

Let's shout hooray for $2 a day!

Tony will be Godking before we know it! The ravening hordes are already lurking at the gate. What will Tony do in his first 100 days?




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38 thoughts on “Let’s shout hooray for $2 a day!

  1. Lee

    A gem from a national treasure!

  2. &duck

    *Finally*, some policy. Onwards and downwards!

  3. Mike Jones

    Massive understatement.

  4. paddy

    Just as well I consulted a well known bookmaker before logging on today FD.
    Odds of SOCKS being mentioned in today’s FDOTM cartoon….100/1 ON!
    Crikey subscription cross promotion WIN!

    P.S. Today’s toon rating….LEGEND!
    (I’d stick it on the fridge. But then I’d want to kill myself every time I needed a snack.)

  5. Hominoid

    Ah,FD. A case not of Art Imitating Life, but of Art Predicting Life. Almost, cause you failed to include the certainty that, under his enormous throbbing mandate, you yourself will be prohibited. I fear for your safety during the rule of the godking – best you flee to a secret kennel on Sept 13.

  6. Andybob

    And after the first 100 days, only 1,360 to go. Oh f___.

  7. drmick

    He must have a truckload of 44 gallon drums under the house by now.
    All those fawning sycophants & big nobs nudge nudge wink winking wanting to rub him for luck as he dry humps a photo of John Howards leg.

    I wonder what his penance will be for from Cardinal Pull all the porkies hes told? I misheard my last penance, and had 3 bloody Marys and a tour of the Cross.

  8. Sandshoe

    I cannot help but wonder about PM Aboott’s enormous throbbing mandate if he will appropriately pull it off. Good luck to yer mate.

  9. Holden Back

    If his mandate is enormous and throbbing, sounds like he needs some Preparation H.

  10. Chris Johnson

    Hurry Bronnie, they went that way! The Bishop girls in full-body spandex and Tony Abbott’s throbbing mandate is enough to turn you off democracy.

  11. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    Enormous Throbbing Mandate.

  12. Shaniq'ua Shardonn'ay

    Enormous Throbbing Mandate slays Moby Tits in Aerial Battle that lights up the Canberra night sky. OMG.

  13. Andrew L

    Oodles of fear factor

  14. Venise Alstergren

    FD: You missed a couple of things outlined today by shadow treasurer, Joe Hockey-in his national press day reply to the budget. The much slimmed down Hockey bucketed the Taxation Dept-explaining that we, the taxpayer, employed them, not the other way around-which was news to me.

    So it’s revamp the tax bods, get rid of the deadwood-but only when the employees actually drop in their traces….this is a tax saving?? And, appoint a civilian to head up a new board/committee, to think about treating the public with a bit of respect.

    And one nerveless journo actually had the gumption to ask…”you keep mentioning the present budget as an ’emergency’, but where is it?’

  15. ernmalleyscat

    100 days is all he’ll last until it all falls into a quivering heap of incompetence and broken promises and cries of “THIS GOVERNMENT!”. Then our national food will rightly be restored to Salted Caramel Goats Milkshake.

  16. Plonkoclock

    For heaven’s sake Venise, of course it’s an emergency – haven’t you been listening?? Top marks to to Shaniq’ua for Moby Tits!

  17. Sandshoe

    Oodles of noodles invested in it.

  18. rhwombat

    Plonk (& Shaniq’ua): seconded. Those in favour? Aye! The ayes have it. Moby Tits is brilliant (even though I’m sure it’s modelled on She-who’s-poetry-must-be-praised).

  19. Venise Alstergren

    PLONK & SHANIQ’UA. I’ll third the motion. It was a terrific comment.

  20. Venise Alstergren

    I just love the ‘Cardinal Pell home for wayward boys.’

  21. klewso

    When our gaols can supply Gina’s unskilled disposable labour?
    “A bowl of rice
    Will more than suffice.”

    [Remember, “Having Rupert behind you means never having to say “Sorry.””]

    And have you noticed how hard it is to tell the Bishop sisters apart lately?

  22. klewso

    …. and he’ll stop this climate change, by getting his navy to “toe it back to China”.

  23. klewso

    Abbott – the Arfur Daily of Australian politics, he’s got so many minders making sure he doesn’t step in shit and do a Hewson – “Stand on me!”

  24. Rambling Rose

    FD: You forgot selling the ABC and John Howard for GG.

  25. klewso

    And Peter Costello to the US – like an earlier peacock.

  26. drmick

    Shanniq`ua well done.
    A throbbing man date for the man gina

  27. paddy

    Oh dear.
    I just checked FD’s calendar (which is never wrong) and May 22 is peak whimsy.
    I guess it’s all downhill with bucket man from here.

  28. Stephen

    Amazingly, Dog can spell ‘peloton’ and the Guardian Weekly can’t.

  29. CliffG

    We may all be grateful in time if Abbott gets in and jacks up the GST (no doubt because of the horrific, never before seen, total unbelievable mess Labor lied about which he now has to clear up forgetting everything he ever said before, it is so dire! All lies of course.)But the outcome may not be bad, though. And there’ll never be any media criticism, will there once he’s in? Mr Teflon 2 is on the way.

  30. Tim Ross

    Phew! At least he’s not going to appear on all TV channels daily at noon to lead us all in chanting The Rosary. I thought that would have been No. 1 on his agenda, and am pleased I was wrong. Hahaha.

  31. drmick

    A sign of the coming apocalypse; David Warner fined for telling the truth. Limted Gossip hacks phones, pays off the police, owns a political party hacks the phones of dead children and cannot tell the truth; and thats OK.

  32. Savonrepus

    All because Labor’s faceless men and Labor’s robots (my view is whatever the Prime Minister’s view is) were not smart enough to keep a leader the public related to.

  33. Patriot

    Kicking myself for wasting 2 minutes reading this puerile rubbish.

  34. rhwombat

    Patriot: can we help?

  35. fractious

    M. Premiere Chien de la Lune, c’est completely magnifique, innit. For myself I prefer “engorged” rather than throbbing as a qualifier for “man date” but this is pitnicking. Frame (counts…) 14, yes indeedy. I mean, what is the EDO (Environmnetal Defenders Office) but a front* for a bunch of lefty tree-huggers, and why shouldn’t Messrs Fatty O’Barrell refuse to grant government funding to them, after all they do inhabit almost half a room in inner Sydney forgodsakewhodotheythinktheyare.

    Frame 16 is redolent of Vogons and hyperspace bypasses, and I’m thinking of moving somewhere remote and well out of the way if it all turns to custard in September, like Santraginus V or even UnZud.

    * Not a just a front but a back, side and middle.

  36. fractious

    @ rhw #36, for all your heartfeltness I think you’re too late.

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