May 21, 2013

Hapless Cameron battling Tory enemies within

David Cameron is struggling to keep the Tories together. The party is split on same-sex marriage and the European Union, showing up some poor leadership attributes in the Prime Minister.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Boy oh boy. Anyone feeling a little down about Opposition Leader Tony Abbott looming over the horizon blocking the sun should pull up a deckchair, pop the corn and watch the show in the UK. Here, tonight, with a farcical mess around voting on same-s-x marriage, British PM David Cameron has confirmed he is one of the worst leaders of the party in modern times.

Last week he managed to stuff up the European Union issue, with 100-plus Conservatives voting against the Queen’s speech. Tonight same-s-x marriage, taken up as a way of colonising Liberal-Democrat votes, has become a huge negative, fuelling the practical civil war between Tory leadership and grassroots (hedgeroots, I guess, it being the shires ‘n’ all).

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7 thoughts on “Hapless Cameron battling Tory enemies within

  1. klewso

    What jolly japes this Cambridge(?) revue? What was he like in “The Importance of Being Ernest”?

  2. paddy

    Thanks to Rundle and the wonders of google, I’ve decided to give up popcorn for Eton Mess. Yum!
    Meanwhile, I’m quite enjoying the decline and fall of the Dave.

  3. Pusscat

    Wish Arthur Sullivan was alive to pen the appropriate musical score.
    But you, Guy, are indeed quite capable of having dreamed up a Tory venue named “the Blue Boar”.
    Just makes it better that your imagination didn’t have to take the trouble to in this case..

  4. robinw

    Yeah, what can you say, Monty Python couldn’t better this lot. One thing though, when I saw references to the ‘Blue Boar’ I immediately wondered what Christopher Pyne was doing there until I realised that it was a place, not a person.

  5. Joel

    Where’d that footnote go? A fascinating article nonetheless, I’d been wondering what the fuss was about.

  6. Gavin Moodie

    Yes, another great piece from GRundle. I agree that extending civil unions to hetros is indeed elegant.

  7. AR

    .. now? looking like a rather hapless PR goon,, err.. wasn’t that how he made his money, as a flack & shill for various unlovely clients, apart from the Cons.?

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