May 21, 2013

Reporters as ‘co-conspirators’ in Obama’s war on journalism

The Obama administration is engaged in a war on investigative journalism, backed by national security laws. The internet may free up information, but it also aids government surveillance.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Barack Obama

Is the Obama administration the greatest threat to press freedom since the 19th century?


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11 thoughts on “Reporters as ‘co-conspirators’ in Obama’s war on journalism

  1. klewso

    I thought Leveson, then then Conroy, then Gillard were the worst threats?
    [… from their own criteria I suppose anyone who wants to treat them the way they think they have a Right to treat everyone else is must be? To hold them to account and responsible for their actions?]

  2. drmick

    Yes Klewso; The irony of a partisan mob with a stated anti government agenda, that hires whor$s to lie to order, that hack phones of dead kids, that buy police, judges and politicians complaining that their freedom is being impinged in some way is gob-smackingly breathtaking. No honour, no credibility and the industry is dying and the best they can come up with is it is the fault of the victims of their vitriol.
    Its like the hunter complaining that Bambis mother was a terrorist in disguise and threat to freedom. (Oooh. Sounds just like NSW atm).

  3. Harry Rogers

    Of course its an historical reaction of every government, no matter what their colour, to want to suppress information damaging to their cause.

    The press are no different when their papers are attacked viz. Australian,Heralds ad infinitum and the tabloid used the same methods as the government.

    We are now at the point where the lack of trust in government and the press has reached endemic levels.

    Maybe the internet is the solution as its ceratinly riles both parties when criticised. How dare the normal man contest Laurie Oakes comments or dare to question a minister of the crown…what world is this we have brought upon ourselves says the Attorney General.

    Viva la revolution?

  4. Gerry Hatrick, OAP


  5. Kevin Herbert

    Obama is the CEO of the world’s biggest, most evil terrorist organisation, with more than 6 million civilians murdered in illegal wars since 1960 – check out Dr Gideon Polya’s website for the well documented details

    The rule of law is a distant memory in all of the US Federal Government administration’s machinations.

    Obama = evil for mine.

  6. Christopher Nagle

    I think we have to face the fact that the fourth estate has become far too powerful for its own good.

    Newscorp is a good example of the damage that can be done by strategic private dominance of public information. There has to be some balance between governance and liberty. Wikileaks is a good example of how much damage can be done by stealing supposedly secure government data. Hacking into government data has to have terrible consequences for how information is generated and shared inside government instrumentalities.

    The fourth estate no longer necessarily represents anything except itself and its own interests. Notions of freedom are not served particularly well by either corporate totalitarians or irresponsible anarchists. And while cleaning out these tendencies is not without risk, maybe these are risks worth taking.

  7. Kevin Herbert

    Christopher Nagle:

    You’re confusing what actually constitutes the traditional 4th estate, which has the crucial job in a functioning democracy of keeping the government & business community honest, with the US MSM (including Hollywood) & its subsidiaries in the UK & Oz, which are ‘owned’ by the same Trotskyite sleazebags who ‘own’ the US Congress. This group[ is not involved in the media…they are propoganda stooges for the US banksters, neocons, MIC, transport lobby, medical lobby.

    Fairly basic established facts I would have thought.

    In 2013 web titles like Crikey, New Matilda, Glenn Greenwald, Media Lens, Press TV, Russia Today, Muzzlewatch, Tikum Olam etc etc around the world are the new representatives of all that is central to a functioning investigative media which underpins a healthy democracy.

    To hear an extra judicial murderer like Obama lecturing Myanmaar on human rights on tonight’s TV news is breathtaking hypocrisy.

  8. Dale Winters

    How much can one cram into 5 lines? never enough.

    One day the world will wake from it’s deepest slumber and cry us!but too late it will be, all the Eliyahu’s have long gone.But at least the likes of Keane and co will hold their heads high. Great article.

  9. Tim Vicenete

    @Dale I look forward to a daily 11:00 two minute Bernard Keane hate ritual. Long live Airstrip One! 🙂

    Whether left or right governments end up in the same place using power for nothing more than clinging to power but not a clue what else to do with it. What does it matter where we came from? The important thing is we are here and not going anywhere. That is all that matters, right Julia?

  10. Dale Winters

    @Dale, since when is factual reporting a hate rant?

    and…”What does it matter where we came from?”

    I have no idea what you infer?

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