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May 15, 2013

Crikey says: Wayne’s parting gifts

Swan song? Almost certainly, so what does Wayne leave behind? Bernard Keane and Stephen Koukoulas weigh in; report cards for health, climate change, transport, foreign affairs, welfare and public broadcasting; plus how Canberra drowned its sorrows in deficit.

The verdict is in: the nation’s newspapers declare Treasurer Wayne Swan’s work is done …

So what has he left the country with? Bernard Keane argues in Crikey today that voters — and the media — should look a little more closely at Swan’s performance before giving him the dunce’s cap. He argues the Treasurer will “leave an outstanding economic legacy”, although “his fiscal record is less impressive”:

“The voters won’t be give him any credit, but he’s been a far better Treasurer than virtually any of us expected when Kevin Rudd confirmed his position in the lead-up to the 2007 election.”

And with that, he was gone. Just like many of his promises.

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5 thoughts on “Crikey says: Wayne’s parting gifts

  1. klewso

    What hope have they got to sell anything, when Murdoch controls the remote on 70+% of our Limited News as press?

  2. Mark from Melbourne

    The verdict is in…

    They all look like News mastheads except for AFR which spruiks for big business. Not a lot of nation building bias amongst that lot.

  3. Mark from Melbourne

    And although any government should always be held to account, I hope that the Australian people wake up one day and realise just how much their opinion is being informed by certain parties that have their own interests firmly on top of the list.

  4. Bill Hilliger

    When it comes to ability and a choice between Wayne Swan or lazy Pete Costello; Wayne Swan is streets in front when it comes to choice as a responsible and well versed treasurer. Due to a venomous murdochracy press Swannie will never be given kudos for his talent.

  5. kraken

    The permanently credulous have been sold a dud by robber barons…we now await the undeserving ascent of the least capable leader we have elected for a long time – born to rule by edict of what exactly – oh that’s it, the electorate who always get it right. Another stellar ‘man of the people’ with the oh so genuine laugh to con the poorly educated and pander to the usual suspects. A political morass opens before us as parliamentary conventions and governance have been allowed to be trashed successfully, while a ruthless propaganda machine waltzed this dreadful process to its dreadful outcome. The witch is dead, long live Tone the magnificent. If it wasn’t so tragic one could laugh…Taxed enough already (down home Aussie style) rules, ok? Anyone who has had a hand in this miasma must be very proud of our democracy. All we get from so-called independent journalists is smug tut tuts and, “Oh they weren’t really that bad, just couldn’t sell their message’, and ‘We told you so’ and ‘aren’t we the clever ones with our oh so clever predictors’. Read my lips and ponder life under the turn back the boats, lumpen entitlement mob.