Over in Anti-News Unlimited land, the vaguely North Korean festival of journalist Nick Cater continues. His book The Lucky Culture is being variously launched and spruiked by former PM John Howard and, of course, academic Geoffrey Blainey in various places round the joint. This paean to a meritocratic non-nepotistic culture has been praised to the skies by anti-News columnist Miranda Devine, the daughter of the late Frank Devine, an anti-News lifer. She's the girl who went to Take Your Daughter To Work Day and stayed. She thinks Cater's paean to individualism should be "taught in every school". She would not actually see any contradiction in this.

Today it's Planet Janet Albrechtsen's turn. She, a former corporate lawyer, turned Anti-Newsista, spruiks the Cater "thesis" and notes Prime Minister Julia Gillard was speaking at an event at the think-tank Per Capita, which she described as an event very different to the entrepreneurial spirit on display at the Cater launch (Howard is a four-decade professional politician; Nick Cater is a BBC/Anti-News, corporate lifer; Per Capita, this entrepreneurial deadzone, was founded by Evan Thornley, Australia's first -- albeit brief -- dot-com billionaire).