May 7, 2013

Shame on the media’s obsession with the Singlehouse ‘scandal’

The John Singleton-Gai Waterhouse saga is a non-story that sums up where the mainstream media is headed. It's a ready-made narrative without meaning, and it's easy for the media to cover. Get used to this.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

If you live outside NSW, as most of us do, you will have been fortunate enough to avoid at least some of the relentless coverage of the John Singleton-Gai Waterhouse-Robbie Waterhouse-Andrew Johns-etc etc er… well, scandal? Imbroglio? Brouhaha? Stoush? Anyway, insert your preferred noun-that-only-journalists-use. But for those inside the borders of the “Premier State”, there’s been no escape.

It is, ostensibly, a story that has it all: the glamorous racing industry, colourful personalities, allegations of wrongdoing, a storied racing family, and perhaps the most loathed man on Australian television. In fact, it’s a story that has nothing. It’s a non-story, a story black hole that not merely lacks meaning, but sucks any meaning floating nearby into it, never to be seen again.

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25 thoughts on “Shame on the media’s obsession with the Singlehouse ‘scandal’

  1. Andrew McIntosh

    Thank you. I was honestly wondering why this bit of business was being covered by the media at all, and merely assumed it was my own, often willful ignorance of sporting matters.

  2. zut alors

    “…three of its prominent members, none of whom have any socially useful function, has about as much significance as a fight in a pub between drunks…”

    Excellent article, Bernard. Although the saga is elitist piffle at least it’s more entertaining than the actual ‘sport’ of horse racing.

  3. The Pav


    Whilst the more virtuous part of me agrees that is is a terribel waste of media resources a story with
    Ad man,
    footy Star
    Brothel owner
    Conflict of interest

    Well what’s there not too like

    But your right .Serious media shouldn’t be a soap opera

  4. tonyfunnywalker

    Its just an advertorial for honest Tom and a guarantee that he will not loose his job at Channel 9.

    For once I hope that Abbott will not be his usually gutless self and ban live betting odds on sports programs.

  5. swimming the hellespont

    Bravo Bernard! This tacky sideshow and the MSM obsession with it calls every Minister for Racing in every State in the Commonwealth a fool. The history of the stewardship of these portfolios is a national disgrace.

  6. Rambling Rose

    Lighten up Bernard.It’s a great story for a laugh.It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch.

  7. Hominoid

    Well said and thanks, Bernard. What a load of lazy, self indulgent, self important w*nkers. The MSM “journalists”, that is. At least the Singlehouses and Robbojohns work hard to exploit horses and gamblers alike, and even harder to convince themselves they successfully avoid conflicts of interest.

  8. Andrew McMillen


  9. GF50

    Great work Bernard. Give to them. They have done for gambling/sport what the MSM has done for politics, sycophantic piffle, at least the MSM/ABC fact free gossip columns are qualified to opine on this rubbish unlike Politics the Economy and our Democracy! I hope it keeps them busy until after 14 Sept. By then they should waking up on the Newstart allowance, if there is any Justice in this world.

  10. shepherdmarilyn

    It was the same thing with 66 refugees getting to Geraldton as if coming to an island by boat had never happened before.

    The incessant ranting by the ABC in particular led to the cruel illegal deportation of 38 of the poor bastards without a single word of sympathy or care after they were lost at sea for 44 days.

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