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May 3, 2013

First Dog on the Moon's spoken cartoons!

Australia's favourite marsupial-based Walkey Award winning cartoonist is available in audio form for the visually impaired -- or anybody interested in listening to his dulcet tones.


Due to ongoing technical issues Spoken Cartoons will not be available until further notice.



First Dog on the Moon's Spoken Cartoons


July 10 2013: First Dog Electoral Guess-o-matic answers the big questions

July 9 2013: Tony Abbott: We will tow back the polls

July 8 2013: Tony Abbott vs The ABC Interpretive Dance Bandicoot

July 7, 2013: Pezoporus occidentalis: The Truth!

July 3, 2013: The stupid adventures of a racist carrot

July 2, 2013: The Konfrontasification of Tony Abbott.

June 28, 2013: The rehistorification of Julia Eileen Gillard

June 27, 2013: Night of the Living Rudd

June 24, 2013: What Would Juliar Do?!

June 21, 2013: Let’s play Leadership Speculationopoly!

June 20, 2013: The War on Terrapins!

June 17, 2013: Show us your reform agenda!

June 14, 2013: Tony Abbott: The thinking cat’s crumpet

June 13, 2013: NSA! NSA! NSA!

June 12, 2013: Detestation or degustation

June 11, 2013: Somebody Has To…

June 7, 2013: The Order of Australia: Everything you need to know

June 5, 2013: Too late to even save the furniture…

June 4, 2013: Why cats should have to work for the dole like the rest of us!

June 3, 2013: Chief bloodnut in bratwurst brouhaha

May 30, 2013: The whole truth and nothing but the truth

May 29, 2013: Ten questions for Gymnobelideus leadbeateri

May 28, 2013: National Cyber Security Awareness Week and you

May 27, 2013: Show me the money!

May 23, 2013: You couldn’t make it up

May 22, 2013: Let’s shout hooray for $2 a day!

May 21, 2013: Gayer than Christmas!

May 20, 2013: Free Range or Free Market

May 17, 2013: Stop the bones

May 16, 2013: Nothing to see here. Move along, move along

May 15, 2013: Soon

May 14, 2013: Carry on up the lock-up!

May 9, 2013: Head ranga in sanga clanger!

May 8, 2013: The Racist Turtle and the Hairy Bagel

May 7, 2013: Arrogant, odious, callous, greedy, cruel, grasping. Rinse. Repeat.

May 6, 2013: Free will? Where do I queue?!

May 3, 2013: Attorneys-General on a plane

May 2, 2013: It’s not that I’m intolerant I just don’t care



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7 thoughts on “First Dog on the Moon’s spoken cartoons!

  1. Mike Kent

    Dear Mr Onthemoon, I think this is a fantastic initiative.

    I love the fact that in the May 3 cartoon you don’t mention the Mark and the Air hostess are both depicted as dogs.

  2. Tim McCann

    It really works. I tried today’s before looking and I found its wry wit and references to pachyderms effective and weighty. I also snickered at the silly Attorney-General’s antics.

  3. Karen Purser

    This is a fantastic initiative! It is great to listen to the cartoons anyway, but my husband is vision impaired and mostly can’t read you cartoons, even on the big screen. I am sure he will enjoy listening to you read them much more than he does me 🙂

  4. cyberfysh

    Signing at Cartoobs and audio cartoons – this Dog is a legend!

  5. David Leibman

    Too bad there’s not a reply button for the listeners hehehe..now that would be interesting.

  6. Dale Winters

    yes, it is a great initiative. What about a politcal cartoon talkback radio programme on one of those community radio networks? Some of those bands can reach the desert and all sorts of areas..and it does n’t cost much either.

    Could be hammed up nicely, and get a point across too.

  7. fractious

    …Walkey Award winning

    What in Dog’s name is a “Walkey Award”? Crickey’s poof-reading kneads improvementing.


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