May 2, 2013

Potholes on The Silk Road: online drug dealers unplugged

Drug dealing thrives in secret corners of cyberspace, but hackers have interrupted business on The Silk Road -- known as the eBay of drugs -- with only theories on who's behind it.

Drug dealing isn’t the reliable career choice it’s cracked up to be, even on the internet. Denizens of The Silk Road, “the eBay of drugs”, are finding that out the hard way. Dealers who lost thousands when Bitcoin crashed last month now find themselves unable to access the site, or their money, for most of the week thanks to a denial of service (or DOS) attack by hackers unknown.

The Silk Road, which bills itself as “The Anonymous Marketplace”, is a smorgasbord of drugs and counterfeit goods. You place an order with a peer-reviewed vendor, pay in Bitcoins and a week later your package arrives (as long as it’s not picked up by Customs or Federal Police).

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2 thoughts on “Potholes on The Silk Road: online drug dealers unplugged

  1. AR

    Reminds me of bLIAR in the UK when absinthe was making a comeback – “If it becomes too popular, we’ll ban it.” And the legal ‘highs’ are a problem .. why? Coz the cheapest, most pure & unf#*ked & benign substance available is banned! And the easiest for the authorities to interdict because of its bulk & strong smell.

  2. GF50

    Wouldn’t it be nice if it was one of the Drug agencies were responsible for disrupting a drug business model? But then they wouldn’t have a job if International Governments would just decriminalise use! No money, no crime beautiful! We could probably save the planet if all the money thrown into the blackhole of the unwinnable war against drugs was spent on education and humanitarian issues. That sounds real lefty doesn’t it, but true no more people would partake of the currently illegal drugs if they ere decriminalised. Check smoking and alcohol.

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