Apr 24, 2013

How the Boston bombings exposed the fragility of the American state

In the messy aftermath of the Boston bombings, there's food for thought on the American state and the social media revolution.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle



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14 thoughts on “How the Boston bombings exposed the fragility of the American state

  1. klewso

    I like the morphed way a bag of fertiliser, a kilo of ball bearing/nuts & bolts, an old paint tin/pressure cooker and a couple of other ingredients is now classed as a “WMD”?
    Iraq would have had those – how many farmers here, wouldn’t?
    But those “splatter guns” aren’t?

  2. Daly

    It was informative to discover that pressure cookers are WMD. I better clear my kitchen cupboard!

    Iraq war explained! Maybe Howard is justified by the number of pressure cookers in Iraq?

    Five people died, were massacred in south Seattle but that didn’t count because there was no police chase to show live on Tv and they were shot. The guns that shot them must not be as lethal as pressure cookers. Or maybe the US needs a National Pressure Cooker Association?

  3. zut alors

    You’re on a roll, Guy, bravo.

    ps: if your first par is a storyline pitch to Hollywood you’d better forget it. Too far fetched. Not to mention irrational plot development.

  4. Pamela

    Thankyou Guy.
    I have had a gutful of American propaganda immortalised by Australian media.
    Sad for the people who died and were injured but lets get a grip on reality. Concentrate of assisting the victims and leave off this crap of pressure cooker as WMD.


    Any analysis or recap of this event that fails to mention the shutting down of press conferences due to the reporter Dan Bidondi asking important but embarrassing questions including the critical one ‘Was a bomb drill taking place?’ – will come up short. They denied it but truth is they were lying.
    There was bomb drill going on at the exact same time and in exact same place just as there was in 7/7 London bombings.
    The fact is that the authorities had the security footage all along. When that footage was released by others they abruptly cancelled the court appearance of their redneck patsy and switched almost seamlessly to ‘the Chechens did it’ narrative.
    My advice is that if you find yourself at a major event and people are around you dressed in paramilitary style clothing claiming this is ‘just a drill’ – beware. Pre-planned drills and exercises were happening simultaneously in London, New York and Madrid when tragedy struck.
    The 19 minute You-tube made last week by Lieutenant Colonel Potter is far more disturbingly insightful than this article.

  6. Andybob

    And, in a final irony, it turns out that the Elvis impersonator was the wrong guy also.

    In modern America background checks on purchasing a gun at a gunshow or over the internet are voted down (by a minority in the Senate using filibuster) as a potential infringement of rights guaranteed by the second amendment but Senators call for people to be denied due process.

    They couldn’t make it more obvious that laws are there to protect the wealthy and powerful if they tried.

  7. Bill Hilliger

    Will there be background checks on people buying pressure cookers?

  8. klewso

    McCain – GOP/Republican/Murdoch Party candidate for President – get a hold of “Casino Jack and the United States of Money”, for a look at some of his “special interests”?
    And Graham’s “special interest” c.v. Like “golf (courses and their up-keep)”?

  9. Pusscat

    Thanks yet again, Guy.
    For the whole piece and particularly for your devestating accuracy regarding the psycho/social/cultural implications of our collective cyberspace faux-reality.
    What will I do when the last person I know who is too old to have ever been “on the internet” is not available for a chat and some perspective?

  10. AR

    Nice reworking of “Man for all Seasons” as Moore points out to his duplicitous clerk that, if all the law is trashed to hunt the Devil then there will be no protection when He suddenly turns around.
    Gore Vidal felt the Republic had passed that point decades ago.

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