Apr 24, 2013

Alan Jones and the 30%: women, women everywhere

Women are reaching that critical 30% threshold of representation in politics and media -- which is terrifying for the likes of Alan Jones, writes ethicist, researcher, writer and commentator Leslie Cannold in the book Destroying the Joint: Why Women Have to Change the World.

“She [the Prime Minister] said that we know societies only reach their full potential if women are politically participating. Women are destroying the joint — Christine Nixon in Melbourne, Clover Moore here. Honestly … There isn’t a chaff bag big enough for them.”

— 2GB broadcaster Alan Jones; August 31, 2012

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4 thoughts on “Alan Jones and the 30%: women, women everywhere

  1. Dell Fraser

    Really what can you say? Except, I love living in Canberra with the female PM, the female GG and female CM! Mwah Alan big sloppy MWAH!

  2. zut alors

    In one respect AJ has done women a great kindness ie: he hasn’t married one.

  3. Christopher Nagle

    Guys like Jones have more to fear than just a percentage of the action going to females. Equality in a boys game isn’t equality. The real percentage that Jones has to worry about is when a critical mass of females start to change the way the game is played. And that applies to everything from how sexual encounter is organized to how corporations behave.

    At least for a while, this isn’t going to be a huge problem for the Jones of this world, because there aren’t even that many women who have figured out how that will pan out. The male parameters are still so pervasive.

    I mean how will the young Jones’ of this world react when girls start to show some sexual/political solidarity with one another, and empower themselves by ganging up to tell said young Jones’ that they are not sexually available until they have a relationship afoot that is worth being available for?

    Now that would give said Jones’ something to be really paranoid about…

  4. wbddrss

    Thank you Leslie,

    Your opinions are worth reading. Just let me broaden the issues & see if the fairer sex can illuminate me.

    Firstly Australia has a demographic problem in that it relies on immigration to get a population increase. That is we get about 1.8 children per family , not 2.3 needed for long term replacement.

    More and more Aussie males are marrying asian women, who definitely are smart & are not door mats as everyone suspects. Well how does continued empowerment of women help in Australia achieving a sustainable population growth?

    The quality of Aussie feminine capability seems to be in regard to long term relationships & raising children without foetal alcohol syndrome, and juggling full time work with full time child rearing, seem to be below the level needed to have a competitive long term sustainable society. Really I am saying asian women in worse circumstances seem to do better at producing future participants in society with all the right attributes for a sustainable society. Please tell me I am wrong as family is everything and motherhood really does along with immigration , build a better Australia.

    Next is the issue about treatment of women overseas. I feel Julia Gillard did not visibly press home to Indian Government just how badly women are treated as scapegoats for sins of men. Want some hindu references, I can dig them up but they may be ancient history. No doubt some women may agree with me that treating women as scapegoats for men’s sin is not on . eg RAPE, endless ….

    Lets reverse the situation into racist Australia where so called Indian Community found fault with Australia’s treatment of Indians in Australia. I note it was mostly Aussie males involved here though can’t substantiate. To get to point I feel sometimes Aussie males are treated as scapegoats where its really Aussie women, who have the more difficult challenges, who let down the side. Literally it is the women who are poor parents who produce the “%$^$^&%” who do all the bad things. Still after that women was raped in a bus and latter died, I don’t feel too bad for being blamed for all the sins in Australia when women are so really treated so badly overseas.

    What is the solution. Continue bashing all Aussie males as if they are below standard. Or be more realistic and realise things need to change for women to fully, in this modern world , create the kind of families, that gives Australia a sustainable future.

    Am I nuts, or does anyone else see the demographic & social problems really more about women than men.

    Sorry if I am off the beaten track, but a decent piece of intellectual work always prompts me to connect dots & colour in the strategic landscape in big picture. I know I will not get any new friends from writing this ; so I expect to fully cop it where it hurts in the family jewels.


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